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Burns survivor Lauren Huxley signs up to inspire courageous children as ARCAN Ambassador

Working together making a brighter future

Lauren Huxley, survivor of a brutally savage attack eight years ago, has joined forces with the ARCAN Foundation in the role of Foundation Ambassador to share the story of children living the journey of a rare chromosome disorder.  

Lauren may not have a rare chromosome disorder but she has had an amazing journey. Since being attacked in her own home and left for dead by a man she'd never met her strength and determination has enabled her to defy doctors and medical history   meeting many goals including walking, talking and eating on her own again.  

Lauren’s journey whilst different is, in many ways, parallel to that of a child born with a rare chromosome disorder. Her ability to push through perceived barriers and achieve a recovery that many almost guaranteed would be impossible is a testament to her strength, courage and the unwavering support of her family and friends.  

Lauren will undertake her first official duty as Ambassador for the foundation at the ARCAN inaugural Fundraising Gala Dinner. At the dinner, held 12 October 2013 at the Novotel Parramatta, Lauren will share her story and connect with the courageous children born with a rare chromosome and their supportive families. 

Explaining her enthusiasm for the ARCAN Foundation, “ARCAN represents a network of opportunity. In my recovery the one thing I learnt was the greatest pleasure in life is doing what other people say you can’t, the ARCAN network offers the rare children and their families the support to do what others have said they can’t.” Lauren said.

ARCAN is an organisation created by parents, for families and the community; to raise awareness for rare chromosome disorders, to petition government for support for those who don’t have a voice of their own and to connect families around Australia so they no longer have to face these challenges alone.

Patricia Jonas, President of ARCAN, explains the benefit of Lauren joining the ARCAN ‘family’, “Lauren represents the possibilities that can come from adversity. Her determination is emulated in that of our rare kids and their families, having her join our team and be our guest at the inaugural fundraising dinner offers us the chance to give our rare families a voice and help them achieve and experience what they strive for,” Mrs Jonas said..

For more information about ARCAN go to www.arcan.org.au and to purchase tickets to the fundraiser, held 12 October 2013 head to www.trybooking.com/51163

With ARCAN you will never feel alone and we will celebrate our differences together.

For media enquiries please contact:

Patricia Eibner pjonas@arcan.org.au or 0402 669 075


ARCAN is a registered Not for Profit Charity created by parents and families of Rare Chromosome Disorder sufferers. ARCAN was established to help families find the services and support they need when they have a child with a rare chromosome disorder or disease. ARCAN does this through the tireless work of volunteers providing direct relief through support both online and in social settings where as individuals and families can feel accepted and supported. ARCAN has helped over 500 families to date and is looking to expand their support with the help of the funds raised at the inaugural gala.