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Recommended Opportunities launches in niche position

Recommended Opportunities, a brand new website is launching on September 1st 2010. This website specialized in delivering to you free, only the very best in educational, wealth creation and money making opportunities online.
The website caters particularly to the Australian and New Zealand markets, which is previously unheard of.

Co creators Nicci Barnes and Lee Bush are excited and proud of their latest web based business. Nicci and Lee have extensive experience in the area of online business, wealth creation and money making opportunities with their successful online businesses already in the marketplace, Business Academy Online, UM Direct, Lead Generation Specialists and The Webonaire.

Recommended Opportunities is not only a website designed to bring you online, wealth creation and money making opportunities that you are specifically interested in, it is also an excellent resource of information for entrepreneurs via their ongoing blog.
Companies are lining up to be promoted and showcased by the specialized service. A free service, it is already attracting mass attention.

Recommended Opportunities is launching September 1st 2010 with much industry anticipation. The website and blog goes LIVE 9am September 1.