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BYO pillow the way to go for post-COVID travel

Travel as we know it is about to change dramatically for the foreseeable future. Luggage will also take on a new look with COVID-19 health and safety gear receiving the same focus as tourists’ favourite holiday apparel.


The use of communal pillows will become particularly problematic. These are known to harbour allergens, dead skin, hair and residual saliva. Tests that monitor the length of time that the COVID-19 virus remains active on textiles are ongoing. So, while deep cleaning of rooms may take place, the quickest and easiest-to-control solution will be to BYO pillow.


Diane Tipper from SleepKeeper knows that customers will be keen to take their own pillow for health and safety reasons. “Over the past few years many customers have purchased my pillow bags because they like to travel with their own pillow for comfort or due to health or chiropractic advice. This will definitely change in the future.” 


“We can see that international airlines like Thai Airways have announced that they will no longer be handing out blankets and pillows. While international travel may be some time away, many people I know are planning holidays on home soil that will involve overnight accommodation. That’s where travelling with your own pillow will make a real difference to warding off potential infection.”


Get your pillow prepared and be ready to enjoy some long-awaited leisure trips in hygienic safety and comfort. Holiday options will begin again for New South Wales residents from 1 June when regional travel will be allowed across the state. There is also a significant push to ease state border closures and an Australia/New Zealand travel bubble has been the subject of much discussion.


SleepKeeper is an Australian designed product that reduces the size of any pillow by one third. It is lightweight, water-resistant and durable.  Priced at $29 plus free postage within Australia, Sleepkeeper is a low-cost, hygienic investment, providing comfort and peace of mind for travellers.


You can’t take your bed, but you can take your pillow!