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Cambodian charity offers Purpose and Philanthropy trip to Siem Reap

Human & Hope Association are opening up another tour to Siem Reap for 10 lucky travellers for a trip of a life time.

Are you looking for a different type of trip? The one you come back from feeling educated while at the same time feeling like a mindful and ethical traveller?


The ethical, inspiring, socially responsible tour with Human and Hope Association (HHA) to Siem Reap will see you form connections with local Khmers who have overcome adversity to move forward with their lives.


You will be immersed in the Cambodian culture and learn about the innovative approaches that NGOs and social enterprises are taking to overcome poverty and social issues.


Travellers will have the opportunity to see firsthand the impact that Human and Hope Association is making in the community, and join the local team for dinner, allowing you to share stories.


The host for this trip is Sally Hetherington OAM, President of Human and Hope Association Incorporated and author of 'It's Not About Me'. Sally lived in Siem Reap for five years and will offer a rare insight into Siem Reap.


“The purpose for this trip is to provide our travellers with an opportunity to see firsthand, the many ways in which philanthropy and NGOs make an impactful difference, and why they are still greatly needed throughout Cambodia. We hope to ignite our travellers' passions and purpose,” said CEO of Human & Hope Association Inc., Sally Hetherington.

So, to give you an overview of this trip, HHA have organised a fantastic itinerary of the 7-day tour from the 15th – 21st September 2019.


Accommodation in a boutique hotel, breakfast, dinner, transport and activities are included in the tour package.


Human & Hope Association are looking for enthusiastic travellers, so to learn more about the trip, please click here.



For more information contact:

Mariah MacInnes | PR Manager

E: sally@humanandhopeassociation.org 
P: 0447650071



About Hope & Human Association Inc

Human & Hope Association Inc. (HHA Inc) believes communities should have the right to live a free and sustainable life without poverty. They partner with Human and Hope Association Cambodia, a Khmer run organisation in rural Siem Reap, whose grassroots programs include education, vocational training and community development.


A key message HHA Inc. drive is one of empowerment; that they respect the autonomy of Human and Hope Association Cambodia, as they truly believe they are the subject matter experts in developing their community. HHA Incs’ team of volunteers in Australia are crucial to ensuring they can continue to raise funds and awareness about Human and Hope Association Cambodia and champion for the importance of local empowerment.