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Charge any Device, Any Time - without a charger!

Home, Office, Hotels, Airports, Schools..... New Installations or Retro fit- takes minutes to install.

Are your guests always asking for phone chargers?

The answer is power points with twin USB charging ports - Accommodation providers can gain a competitive edge by providing a cutting edge product that today’s guests want and need.

Australian company USBsockets.com.au reveals the next stage in home technology exclusively for the Australian and New Zealand market; a patented wall sockets range that combines an Australian Standard approved dual 240v power socket with twin USB charging ports.

Australian company USBsockets.com.au is the only supplier that meets and exceeds all the criteria of your decision making questions. Leading the industry from other suppliers, USBsockets.com.au is Australian and New Zealand Standard approved, and their product range fits all devices from mobile phones and tablets through to electric shavers and so much more.

Their patented wall sockets are installed in leading hotel brands of the world such as Stamford, Mantra and Crown, in airline lounges including Virgin, restaurants, and builders all over our countries are embracing the quality product.

In some cases as low as half the cost of non-approved competitors, USBsockets.com.au provide a product range that is a direct replacement for the standard Australian GPO double power point, and your electrical contractor can install the sockets in minutes without any messy and time-consuming wiring issues, making it ideal for refurbishments and upgrades as well as new buildings.

Benefits of the USB sockets include alleviating the endless requests from your guests for chargers, a product that offers your guests the convenience of not requiring an international adapter and keeping your competitive edge by providing a product that today’s consumers want and need.

Some other leading brand USB sockets only have a amp output. Our USB 5 Volt sockets have a powerful 3.5amp output, are perfect for charging any device fitted with a USB connection including mobile phones, tablets, cameras, electric shavers and more without the need for bulky adapters. The devices plug straight into the USB sockets on the power point and leave the two 240v plug sockets free for regular appliance use.

The inclusion of LED illuminated ports, demonstrate the smart technology used in USBsockets designs, and emit a soothing green LED light when the doors are open. The LED lights will flash if there is a problem with the power line ensuring no time is wasted trying to diagnose electrical faults. With no stand-by power or phantom leakage that is normally associated with charging transformers, USBsockets are also energy efficient. Once the USB cable is removed from the port, retractable doors close and power to the port is cut automatically. Solid casing and solid screws, along with a sleek design in a range of colour options to suit any décor. Safe, convenient, and are becoming standard fixtures in all accommodation complexes.

We are also the Australian and New Zealand exclusive distributor of CulCharge.com.au

The world’s smallest, strongest and most compact charge cable that hotels can sell to their guests.

They are available for Android and Apple powered phones and come with a cool keyring to attach to your keys, handbag or suitcase.

The devices have the highest quality chips and parts as they have been purchased from the manufacturers, meaning they work and transmit both data and power.

The cable suits all devices and as well as being able to use it with USB sockets, guests can then use it anywhere in the world when they travel. So now Chargers and cables are now a problem of the past!

CulCharge.com.au are able to provide small neat point of sale stands that sit on desktop counters.

On large orders they can be merchandised – with your brand name, logo, domain name and phone number imprinted into the cable.

USBsockets.com.au are now taking orders for large scale construction or multiple hotel refurbishments where they are able to provide a super wholesale discount on a pre ordered production run.

Both the sockets and cables are available to purchase online now, however later this month our USBsockets.com.au and CulCharge.com.au will be available over the counter Nationally at all Lawrence & Hanson stores. 

Note to Editors

- Power is Everything. Anywhere, Anytime. Check out USBscckets.com.au
- You’ll never need a charger for any of your devices ever again!
- Install into new buildings or fast retro fit for renovations
- Takes just minutes to install