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For Immediate Release 

26 September 2019


Cindication is thrilled to announce international promotion rights for global sensation, Dion Jensen - Inspirational Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Clinically Endorsed Author, in a collaborative joint venture based upon a shared world vision.

Dion is a dynamic and refreshing solution-focused trail blazer in the psychosocial and cultural transformation space. A specialist leader and manager, Dion was headhunted to fulfil corporate leadership and management roles, where he showed a unique skill of increasing engagement, productivity and revenue by treating staff as VIP's (Value, Identity, Purpose).

He has a proven track record in the corporate arena combined with his frontline experience that includes military, law enforcement and bodyguarding backgrounds, and it was through these avenues Dion was able to provide solutions to issues that others were too scared to tackle, such as mental health, corporate bullying and loss of engagement productivity and revenue.

A breath of fresh air with a dynamic and interesting approach, Dion utilises his original content and life experience to inspire, motivate and transform lives through books, speeches, workshops, events and retreats. Known in the marketplace as 'The Confidence Coach' Dion has the unique ability to increase confidence in people, processes and products, starting with the most important component: People.

“The greatest power we possess is how we make another human being FEEL” Dion Jensen.

Individually Dion helps teach people ‘How to Make Peace with The Mirror’ and organizationally he teaches “How to Increase Engagement, Productivity and Revenue.’ His speciality and why he can work across industries, cultures and countries, is because he understands intrinsically the relationship between people and processes. It is this understanding combined with his own VIP concept, that makes him unique.

A global agreement between the two power houses allows more individuals and organizations the opportunity to access tangible solutions and has both Dion Jensen and Cindication extremely excited to outline several future endeavours together.

The first being promoting Dion to Multi-National Companies with personnel in Australian and New Zealand for Mental Health week beginning 3 October 2019, where his ‘Solutions not awareness creates change’ approach (shades of Peter Drucker’s ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’) has seen him share global stages with other thought-leaders, from All Black’s Leadership, New Zealanders of the Year and Asian Business and Community Leaders.

As the author of two clinically endorsed books on mental health, Dion can speak from experience with full credibility and authority, however his delivery style ensures that he connects emotionally, intellectually and authentically with an audience. Dion has written, ‘The VIP of Mental Health’ and ‘The first Good News Book about PTSD’.

Not content to ‘just talk about it’, Dion has recently launched a National Mental Health initiative for New Zealand for frontline staff starting with teachers, so he definitely 'walks the talk'.

Not resting on their laurels, following Mental Health week, Dion Jensen and Cindication will launch their first product collaboration, ‘idea2eBook’, the beginning of a solutions map designed to teach people how to walk the path that Dion has already walked. From books, to speeches and workshops, to events and retreats, ‘idea2ebook’ will be the first stage of helping people to ‘set their stories free’ into the marketplace. 

Historically, Dion Jensen and Cindy Rochstein have a strong professional relationship and shared values. As fellow authors and speakers, they presented on stage and on National Radio together in Singapore last year, and Dion was the first International Ambassador for ‘Pencils Community’, Cindy’s social enterprise that sees discarded stationary items, re-bundled, re-purposed and re-distributed to children in need around the world. 

“With an already existing large national presence, it’s exciting to watch as Cindication continues to grow and expand, serving the needs of not only local clients, but by joining forces with those already in the global marketplace. The addition of a global sensation like Dion Jensen, someone with worldwide appeal and a humanitarian focus, further demonstrates our ability to not only run in our own lane, but to hand-pick those clients that share our values.” said Cindy Rochstein, Founder of Cindication.


Cindication has over 20+ years of experience in PR & Communications and has worked with charities including Suicide Prevention, Education, Sustainability and Humanitarian Charities, Health and Wellness and PTSD. Working with large complex global businesses, Cindication provides media suite services for global and national business professionals as well as advocacy for Humanitarian groups helping them embrace the concept of everyone has a message to share. #SmallPeopleBigVoices.



If you would like to interview Dion Jensen, please contact Cindy Rochstein – 0437 094 049 or Melissa Coleman - 0409 002 088 or for more on Cindication, email: cindy@cindication.com / www.cindication.com