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Mayor Angelo Tsirekas urges the community to be a part of the compost revolution and recycle their food scraps.

“Approximately half of our household waste is made up of food scraps. Instead of sending it to landfill we could be nourishing our soil,” Mayor Tsirekas said.

“We already recycle our plastic, metal and paper, but few of us are recycling our food scraps as well.”

We have recently joined the Compost Revolution in a bid to reduce the amount of food waste going to landfill.

“When we throw our food in the rubbish bins, it goes to the tip where it breaks down. As the food rots, it releases methane and is responsible for an estimated 3% of our national greenhouse gas foot print. Put simply, this doesn’t occur in a compost system,” he said.

As part of the Compost Revolution, we are offering residents a 50% discount on compost bins and worm farms.

For further information, please contact our Resource Recovery & Waste Services Officer on 9911 6555 or visit our website: www.canadabay.nsw.gov.au.

This project was supported by the Environmental Trust as part of the NSW EPA’s Waste Less Recycle More Initiative, funded from the waste levy.