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CLOUDSEC to share security best-practice with Australian organisations to fight cybercrime

SYDNEY, 15 August 2017 CLOUDSEC, the leading internet security conference in Asia Pacific and Europe, will hold its second annual event in Sydney today. This event leads up to a tour across APAC countries, including India, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia and the United Kingdom, before making the last stop in The Republic of Korea.

Hosted by Trend Micro, CLOUDSEC 2017 gathers together renowned experts, industry thought leaders, businesses and organisations from across the globe to re-evaluate and redefine their understanding of threats, risks and solutions in a rapidly evolving threat landscape. This event aims to empower organisations to stay one step ahead in the fight against the next-generation of security threats.

“With the commercialisation of the internet to the greater population, taking a joined-up worldview on delivering infosec basics is an innovation disruptive not only to cybersecurity but, importantly, to cybercrime,” said Dr Sally Ernst, co-founder, Australian Cyber Security Network.

Concurring with Dr Ernst’s comments is Peter Coroneos, founder and principal, Coroneos, Cyber Intelligence. “Today’s security threats have evolved to a level of sophistication that we require new ways to protect our resources and data. IT Security is everyone’s responsibility - all it takes is one wrong move by an individual for an organisation to be compromised,” said Coroneos. “CLOUDSEC Australia is about providing delegates with valuable insights they can take away and use in their own organisations and encouraging them to share best-practice in their fight against cybercrime and I’m very much looking forward to being part of it.”

CLOUDSEC Australia 2017 event highlights:

At CLOUDSEC Australia 2017, hosted in Sydney, featured keynote speakers include:

·       Dr Sally Ernst, co-founder, Australian Cyber Security Network discusses securing innovation and delivering basics on an ecosystem-wide basis

·       Peter Coroneos, founder and principal, Coroneos Cyber Intelligence and former CEO of the IIA, demonstrates how companies have solved the challenge of stopping advanced threats and kept their users safe

·       Bob Flores, former CTO, CIA, discusses how cyber-engagement is global in perspective and regional in focus

·       Simon Piff, vice president of security practice for IDC, elaborates on the future of IT security technologies and the structural changes organisations need to make to ensure that this depth of innovation can be best leveraged to create a holistic and robust enterprise security strategy

·       Puneet Kukreja, partner, national cyber leader of banking, Deloitte Australia, focuses on how the effective deployment of secure cloud services can deliver positive outcomes for compliance

·       Panel discussion on “Turning security into competitive advantage in the era of fast IT “and featuring:

o   Angela Donohoe, CIO, BPAY

o   Geoff Tribble, Emerging Technology Director, Auckland Transport

o   Katherine Robins, Partner Cyber Risk Advisory, Deloitte Australia

o   Peter Coroneos, Found & Principal Advisor, Coroneos Cyber Intelligence

o   Rob Livingstone, Author & Principal, Livingstone Advisory

o   Dr Sally Ernst, Co-founder & Managing Director, Australian Cyber Security Network

With the rise in internet connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), Australian organisations are grappling with security mechanisms to address their vulnerabilities that lie exposed to cybercriminals.

According to Gartner, by 2020 there will be more than 25 billion connected devices, a hotbed of opportunity for cyber attackers. Today, IoT devices have become the preferred choice for cyber attackers looking to disrupt and paralyse organisations as well as targeted attacks, BEC (Business Email Compromise) and next generation vs. cross-generation security.

For more information, please visit https://www.cloudsec.com/au/ and follow the discussions online via Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CLOUDSECofficial/,  LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/6642596/ and Twitter at @CLOUDSECtweets with the hashtag #CLOUDSEC2017.


Founded in 2011, CLOUDSEC has established itself as a global community for cyber security experts and professionals. The CLOUDSEC tagline “Have a Safe Journey” aims to inspire technology professionals and users to embark on a continuous learning journey to explore and learn about industry trends, best practices, and new technologies to secure the digital infrastructures, and manage the technological risks of their organisations in safely supporting their corporate goals. For more information, please visit www.cloudsec.com

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