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Confitex Launches World’s First Sexy Incontinence Underwear

Incontinence is the silent epidemic – it is a problem that people are embarrassed to talk about. The condition affects one in three women and one in ten men, and is particularly common for women after childbirth and during menopause; and for men when dealing with prostate health issues. Until now the main underwear options available have been disposable pads and nappies, which are functional but are uncomfortable, embarrassing, and unsightly.

A New Zealand company is shaking up the market. Two New Zealand based entrepreneurs, Dr. Mark Davey and Frantisek Riha-Scott, saw an opportunity to create something completely new, environmentally friendly, comfortable, and beautiful incontinence underwear. Dr. Davey says, "The products out there were awkward, medical and undignified. We wanted to give people underwear that looked and felt like underwear."

They set about combining specialist patented textile technology with high-end fashion design to create a revolutionary product for this rapidly growing market. The underwear features three layer technology which rapidly transfers the moisture away from the body, absorbs it, and features a waterproof outer layer which breathes.

Pad based underwear has a short shelf life with high temperatures decaying the plastic liners in washers and dryers. Confitex technology is machine washable and lasts as long as normal underwear. It feels just like regular underwear and is odor-free, so wearers can be comfortable while going about their everyday lives.

Nappies and pad-based briefs make up as much as 15 percent of waste in landfills and worse, take up to 500 years to biodegrade. Those who experience incontinence can use four to six pads a day – costing up to $2000 a year to purchase, and continuing to fuel the ever worsening landfill situation. Confitex is devoted to offering an environmentally friendly solution that can also offer significant cost savings for the wearer.

2015 marked the launch of the Confitex brand and their revolutionary absorbent underwear. In a world first, in August Confitex showcased their designer incontinence lingerie on the runway at the New Zealand Fashion Week. The Hi-Life Collection introduced 30 looks ranging from day-time wear, to softer evening lingerie, to the first G-string designed for light incontinence.

A bladder behaving badly is no reason for people not to make the most of every day, says designer and co-founder Frantisek Riha-Scott. "Our underwear is beautiful, environmentally responsible and made for people with a love of life and adventure."

"People who happen to have incontinence should be able to enjoy their lifestyle, freedom and independence. Our goal is to give those that want it the means to get out there, do what they want to do and see who they want to see," says Dr. Davey.

For more information on Confitex Underwear go to www.confitexunderwear.com