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Cooler water for harder grunt.

M2O Launches new IcyTech™ hydration range.

M2O Industries is pleased to announce the launch of its latest innovations in hydration – Pilot Insulated Bottles and IcyTech™.

I felt that there was a lot of good bottles on the market but not a bottle with the key elements I wanted”, explained Trent Fitzgibbins, Founder of M2O.
M2O - Pilot Insulated Bottles and IcyTech™
“I really wanted an easy squeeze bottle with a lockout system, that I could seamlessly use one-handed whilst on my bike, not lose my grip of when I had sweat on my hand, and a bunch of other features I’d been thinking about.

“I became obsessed with finding a solution and have nailed it!
 “By developing IcyTech, we have been able to create a range of bottles that do all I’ve mentioned and also can keep water cool for 2.5 times longer than a normal bottle”, Trent said.

Like all M2O products, the new Pilot Insulated Bottles are designed for endurance sports professionals confronting extreme conditions.

They are ultra-light, extremely durable, easy to squeeze, simple to use, leak-proof, BPA free, bottles that keep water 2.5 cooler than a standard bottle.

As with all M2O products the Pilot Bottles are also realistically priced to ensure that they are obtainable for everyday use and often less expensive than significantly inferior offerings.
The IcyTech™ developed by Trent and his team, in conjunction with a number of the world’s leading sports professionals, is placed between the inner and outer wall of the Pilot Bottle to create an ultimate insulation barrier.

While IcyTech™ is currently only available in three of the eight Pilot Bottles in the range, other benefits across the whole range include:
  • Ultralight, BPA free, construction with natural Taste technology to maintain the flavour of the water, not the plastic;
  • An easy-squeeze vessel design with a self-sealing TruFlo valve and large locking levers to maximise flow and simplify single handed access when moving flat strap;
  • An easy grip rim and Pro-Grip hand tread [on all but one bottle] to minimise slippage with sweaty hands or during extreme conditions; and
  • A removable nozzle, to make cleaning of this dishwasher safe bottle even easier.

Pilot Bottle prices range from RRP $24.99 for the three 620ml bottles with IcyTech™ insulation, to RRP $16.99 for the four 710ml bottles and RRP $14.99 for the 620ml bottle without Pro-Grip.

Available in a variety of colourways, visit any reputable sports, cycling, outdoor or travel retailer, or https://m2oindustries.com/ for more details on the full range of M2O Pilot Bottles.



M2O Industries is an Australian company, established in 2016 by Trent Fitzgibbins, Founder and original owner of the highly awarded JetBlack Cycling.
M2O designs, develops and sells market leading endurance sports products globally. The ranges include Compression Socks, Active Endurance Sport Socks, Performance Hydration Systems and innovative Anti-chafing Skin Care Products, specifically designed with the active lifestyle in mind.
M2O Industries works closely with world leading Down Hill mountain bikers and teams including START Cycling Team (UCI team); Trek Shimano mountain bike team, Mick Hannah, Tracey Hannah and Sam Reynolds from UR Team Polygon; Danni Beecroft, James Hall and 7x MTB solo 24Hour world Champion Jason English.  All of whom have helped input into the development of M2O products to ensure the most comfortable of rides no matter how gruelling the journey.


Including images or video assets, product for photography or trial, and interviews with a cycling expert from the M2O team, please contact Trent Fitzgibbins +61 [0]404-016-777 | trent@m2oindustries.com