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Create Official WeChat Accounts with Star China to Boost Your Business

WeChat Marketing from Star China is a great tool in any marketing plan. As the leading Chinese social media platform WeChat has over 963 million active users. There are over 1 million active users on WeChat in Australia.

WeChat was originally launched as a messaging and communication app in 2011 by Chinese investment holding company Tencent Holdings Limited.  Today it’s available in 20 languages for all major operating systems such as iOS, Android, macOS and Windows 10 Mobile.

In seven years, it has morphed into a giant communication multi-layer platform that even serves a model for other big communication platforms to adopt certain features from. Plus to the standard messaging app functionality, WeChat provides users with a number of services to send money, make payments, buy products and services. The app is the most popular one in China despite privacy concerns based on Chinese government potential monitoring and censorship capabilities. WeChat is likely to become China’s electronic ID system, with users being used virtual ID cards that could be used in lieu of the current physical state-issued ID cards.

As of Q1 2018, WeChat has 1 billion active monthly users and WeChat user numbers that check the app daily reached 900 million. More than 100 million users are based outside of China. In 2014, WeChat restricted the number of friends a single user may have to 5,000.

Today WeChat combines features of a communication, social media and mobile payment apps. The sales generated by WeChat in 2016 was AUD $34.85 billion. Advertising agency Star China has been successfully marketing businesses on WeChat.  Their first step in the marketing process is to build a company’s profile through WeChat official account registration with full ownership.

To attract new customers, they provide WeChat marketing campaign strategy planning, copywriting, and creative design services. These campaigns can increase brand awareness and help brand attract new customers. Their services extend further to Chinese content translation, advertorial copywriting, graphic design and article layout design.

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