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Dental clinic invests in CPR training, helps save a man’s life

Staff from LifeCare Dental resuscitated a passer-by who was experiencing a heart attack

Perth, Western Australia - Shortly after a principal dentist paid for his team’s CPR and First Aid certification, the staff at a Perth dental clinic found their training put to the test when a man collapsed outside one of their surgeries.

Late last year, Dr Alex Negoescu, Principal Dentist at LifeCare Dental, organised First Aid and CPR certification for all of his dentists and as many staff as possible. It ended up being a life-saving decision.

The LifeCare team were quick to act when a man had a heart attack just down from their practice. Dr Negoescu and Dentist Dr Ashleigh Howlett were some of the first on the scene, noting that passers-by had crowded around the man but none of them seemed confident about next steps.

Both armed with previous training, Dr Howlett rolled the man to his back, removed the man's shirt and maintained his airway while Dr Negoescu performed CPR to keep him alive. Once the ambulance arrived, Dr Negoescu continued CPR until the paramedics were on scene with their equipment and ready to take over.

Their knowledge and team effort played key roles in the man's resuscitation. Dr Howlett admitted the situation was jarring, but put on her game face; both dentists were back with patients just a few minutes later.

Located in the Perth CBD and Kingsway, Life Care Dental currently has over 85 staff members who are First Aid and CPR certified. For over 26 years, LifeCare Dental has provided WA with 7-days-a-week dental services. Their website is www.lifecaredental.com.au.