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Dick Lam - Speaker Trainer, Career Coach and Large Company Consultant will feature as a prominent thought leader in the new book by Celebrity Publishing:


Sydney, 19 February 2019 - Master communicator Dick Lam, management career coach, large company major project consultant and expert speaker coach, will feature with Sir Richard Branson, Brian Tracy and Les Brown in the latest of the bestselling ‘Think Big’ titles.

Dick’s chapter ‘The Dark Night Rises’ takes him from being trapped professionally, to celebrity restaurant owner, to expert speaker to becoming completely lost and broke despite knowing his purpose in life. He is now able to help leaders not only discover their purpose, but identify the rules they designed to trap themselves.

“I had fallen into a trap. In doing what was supposed to be right and noble, I had tried to become the martyr. I was in fact, the trickster.” Dick Lam

Dick’s work in larger companies in over a dozen industries has given him insight into what makes businesses and executives tick. Dick has now delivered hundreds of seminars on dozens on topics. He is currently establishing an online training program for aspiring leaders.

“..the rules and laws of a universe only work in the universe they were created for. Someone else’s rules of success only work if you become like them, but lose yourself.”  Dick Lam

THINK BIG: INSIGHTS FROM SIR RICHARD BRANSON AND INTERNATIONAL THOUGHT LEADERS is scheduled for release February 18, 2019. The latest in the Think Big book series shares strategies, advice and knowledge from highly successful leaders that readers can use to advance their business, careers and lifestyle. Quotes throughout the book inspire and allow the reader to dip into the book to gain daily motivation.

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Dick Lam

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