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Digital3d.com.au Appointed as MSI Authorised Reseller to Offer CAD & 3D Design Mobile Workstations.

Digital3d.com.au is pleased to announce a new partnership with MSI as an Authorised reseller of MSI CAD & 3D Design mobile workstations. MSI has been leading the industry with unrivalled performance and outstanding design; MSI’s 3D Design/CAD Series of Mobile Workstations offer customers Mobile Workstations with great specs at a competitive price, without comprising on build quality. 

“We really like the fact that we’re able to offer our clients multiple high-end mobile workstations to suit any budget.”

Digital3d.com.au conducted extensive testing of the MSI’s Mobile Workstations, including complex 3D model design, advanced simulation and photo-realistic rendering, and is confident in MSI’s ability to provide their customers with an outstanding user experience. MSI Mobile Workstations have been pre-certified by leading 3D software vendors such as SolidWorks, Autodesk and Adobe in order to ensure compatibility with most high-end 3D design applications.

Wes Stevens, Director at Digital3d.com.au, commented “Being primarily an online reseller we have an extremely diverse customer base - from 3D Design professionals in the larger Mechanical, Civil & Architectural organisations, through to SME’s and advanced home users. Designing anything from large 3D Models using applications like Revit or SolidWorks, to simple single-part design for a 3D printer. MSI’s range of mobile workstations gives us the ability to offer a solution to any customer, no matter the complexity of their requirements.”

MSI WS60 – MSI’s Best laptop for CAD & 3D modelling. With the performance to back it up, the sleek brushed metal design of the WS60 gives the notebook a lot of desk appeal when compared to competing mobile workstations, making the WS60 feel right at home in a designer workspace.

MSI WS72 – Powerful Performance for Professionals. Get the job done whether you’re stationed at in the office or on-the-go. The WT72 Mobile Workstation powers through any task with the latest NVIDIA Quadro graphics card and the 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor. MSI’s exclusive Matrix Display technology supports up to 3 external monitors transform from a portable notebook into the ultimate multi-tasking workstation. Its output enables you to you work with 4K display for the best viewing experience and a superb amount of detail.

For more info email Info@digital3d.com.au or visit digital3d.com.au