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Direct Wholesale launches 360 reasons why buying hardware online is a better way to say goodbye to hassle and g'day to getting on with the job.

Have you ever thought to yourself….Why am I breaking my neck every day for very little profit?


This week, Direct Wholesale Supplies Pty Ltd. headquartered in Brisbane, QLD - unveiled the launch of its online Wholesale Electrical and Plumbing store for the Australian trade supply sector. The website, which is available free of charge and without a subscription, will allow tradespeople looking for their parts and accessories a fast and cost effective way to restock without hassle. Traditionally a relationship is established through face to face, bricks-and-mortar corner shops, however the new online direct-to-marketplace platform aims to bring the wholesaler-tradie interaction into the digital world.

“We pride ourselves on being a trusted resource to our clients; whether that means recommending a product, giving an honest and unbiased opinion about a competitor's product or providing a solution to your technical requirement.” says Direct Wholesale Manager Adam Massey. “With the Direct Wholesale model, we’ve taken the next step in this progression by helping to reduce the pain associated with obtaining resupply products whilst increasing our clienteles profit margin.”

The Direct Wholesale website has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience with enhanced navigation and functionality, mobile optimisation and detailed product information including 360-degree high resolution images. Custom product search filters make it easier for customers to navigate and find great deals on their massive selection of wholesale plumbing and electrical products. This range includes hundreds of electrical and plumbing parts such as bakelite, wiring accessories, conduit accessories, industrial switchgear,  brass fittings & tap mixers among others.

Powered by Hybris SAP and various proprietary integrations, the technology comes loaded with a suite of features designed to make the research and pricing due diligence process easier and less time consuming for tradespeople. The suite of features includes:

  • Advanced Filters: Search for available parts by attributes that include type, colour, price range, size and more.

  • Easy Reordering: Tired of the same routine and time (money) wasted visiting your local store no more, one-click reordering is now a reality.

  • Financial Reports: Run simple reports on your spend history and quickly view your most viewed and ordered products.

  • Transparent Shipping: Quickly contact the right people to discuss an order or product with the readily available contact details and form built into each product page.

Direct Wholesale Supplies Pty Ltd is a direct wholesale to market manufacturer and importer of high quality, accredited plumbing and electrical parts and accessories in Australia. Direct Wholesale’s rapidly expanding team has over 100 years combined experience in the importing and trades sectors. Since its inception in 2016, Direct Wholesale has positioned itself for launch with initial private capital investment over $1 Million dollars and is fully Australian owned and operated. For more information, visit www.directwholesale.com.au or call 1300 365 599 in Australia.