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Gold Coast City Council Division 7 Candidate Brooke Patterson launches campaign Dec 13

Mrs Patterson calls for due diligence and transparency in council

GOLD Coast City Council 2016 Division 7 candidate Brooke Patterson will officially launch her Councillor Candidacy at Northcliffe Surf Club on December 13.
At the event, Mrs Patterson will outline her vision for Division 7 (Surfers Paradise) and the Gold Coast, in the lead up to the council elections on March 26, 2016.
Her main concerns she will address include proper due diligence and a professional corporate governance approach to managing council affairs.
“I want to ensure that residents can count on their council to exercise proper process and transparency on the important issues that matter to them,” Mrs Patterson said.
Since she has been door-knocking in the Division 7 area over the past two months, she has noticed residents are consistently concerned that council decisions do not reflect sensible, long term town planning.
“I am committed that council decisions do not evade the intent of town plans through legal technicalities,” she said.
“I want to be part of a council that empowers and educates residents so they can engage on a level playing field with developers and other large companies who may have deeper pockets.”
Other issues include: boosting the economy during significant population growth by accelerating infrastructure and increasing employment opportunities (in IT, creative industries, education, health and professional services).
She is also a strong advocate for recognising the value of the natural resources of the Spit and Broadwater and proposes a mini-bus network of public transport, which would feed into our more regimented systems of tram, trains and heavy buses.
“Having gone from a small coastal town 50 years ago, the Gold Coast is now the sixth largest city in Australia with a council budget of over $1.2 billion per annum. We need visionary, innovative councillors like myself capable of dealing with the complexities of the city’s transformation,” Mrs Patterson, age 40, said.
“With a background in finance, and qualifications and experience in corporate governance, I am well placed to take on this significant accountability.
“We need people on council who can ask the tough questions, bring a proper level of due diligence and commitment to the role and I will do that.”
Mrs Patterson works as a senior investment adviser for Ord Minnett (Gold Coast & Hong Kong offices) and is president of the Benowa State School P&C Association.
She is a former board member of the Australian Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong and Macau) and former chairperson for its Advocacy Sub-Committee, Financial Legal and Tax Committee. This is Australia's largest offshore chamber.
“I am all about community service, leadership and advocacy,” Mrs Patterson said.
“By 2050, the population will be 1.2 million - close to double what it is today. To ensure we attain a great standard of living for families and future generations, we require serious vision and resolve.”
Brooke lives with her husband, Roger - an ethics solicitor at the Queensland Law Society – and their two children (Evie, 7, and Barnes, 4) in Benowa.
Brooke Patterson’s Councillor Candidacy launch will be on December 13 at Northcliffe Surf Club, 51 Garfield Terrace, Surfers Paradise, from 3-4pm.
The public is welcome to attend.
For more details, call Brooke Patterson on 0448 289 881.