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"Don't waste another summer!" best-selling author urges Australia's boomer women to start planning now to prevent winter blues.

Older women's advocate and best-selling author, Victoria Rose, has urged Australia's 1 million single women over 60 to start planning now to beat the winter blues.

Ms Rose wrote "How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life: Tough love for smart, single women over 60" to help women find their passion for life.

The easy-to-follow, 5-step process mirrors the journey Victoria Rose took to turn her own life around.

"This summer I've met many women who are disappointed with their lives, or are unsure of their purpose, now that they have retired and their children have finished school or left home," Ms Rose said.

"I don't want a single woman to let another summer, or worse, a whole year go by without finding that spark again," Ms Rose enthused.

"Changing your life is possible at any stage; there is no 'use by date. Every woman can build a meaningful and fabulous life but you won't change a lifetime of negative thinking unless you work through your fears in a systematic way".

To capitalise on her decades of experience as an instructor in the Australian Army Reserve, Ms Rose launched her own training business in 2008. Since then, over 12,500 participants have attended her Leadership workshops. 

"I wrote this book so that other women could learn from my journey. I did it and now I'm helping other women do it. I believe in the strength, wisdom and ‘fabulousness’ of Australia's single women over 60 and my book shows them how to believe in themselves again! How to get more WOW into their lives.”

Victoria's program "helps women identify their life's goals and the pathway to get there. It's full of amazing wisdom delivered in a firm but loving way. This is Victoria's style of writing: to teach. And I love it! The lessons are invaluable for women of all ages and most importantly for us baby boomers who lack the self love we are so entitled to.” said Christine on Amazon.com.

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·         Victoria helped over 19,500 people in Australia and New Zealand as part of her 31-year successful training career.

·         As a soldier in the Australian Army Reserve, Victoria trained over 7,000 soldiers and officers in weapons, drill and theory and was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer.

·         Victoria has achieved her own 'From NOW To WOW' life while raising 2 children as a single parent.

·         Since turning 60, Victoria has been on a personal mission to encourage and inspire other women to benefit from her own journey to WOW.

·         She has created the book, supporting online platform, the seminars, webinars, and is developing her intensive live-in Bali Experience, to teach Australian 60+ women how to become leaders and champions for a WOW life of their own.

For interviews or copies contact: Irena on M: 0412424523, E: ibstrategic@gmail.com

"How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life: Tough Love for Smart, Single Women over 60" is available from www.over60stillfabulous.com (RRP $29.99)

EVENTS: Victoria Rose is holding a one-day seminar called 'Get into the driver's seat' in Port Melbourne on May 11 2015 and a 5-day intensive retreat in Bali in September.