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Early Reviews For Li’l Champs School App Are In, And They Are All Positive

Li’l Champs is a digital learning platform for kids, containing a large collection of fun educational games. After debuting successfully in Australia, it has been launched in the Indian market.

The latest educational app for kids - named Li’l Champs - has taken the Indian markets by storm. Teachers from leading schools, as well as parents of young learners, have given the platform a uniform thumbs up. Li’l Champs promotes a more active learning practice, through greater interactions and gamifications - and if early trends are anything to go by, students are absolutely loving it.

Expressing delight at the superlative response for Li’l Champs in India, co-owner Maria Bohari stated that the education industry is evolving rapidly, and the role of tech in education is growing fast. In fact, education technology is revolutionising the way in which youngsters are being taught - both at schools and at homes. In her capacity as a noted child psychoanalyst, Maria is fully aware of the perils of overburdening a child with boring lessons and exercises. Li’l Champs is an ambitious effort on her behalf to bring back the fun element in learning.

A bit of healthy competition is great for kids”, says Maria, “and children often tend to pick up new things unknowingly.” This knowledge led her to conceptualising the Li’l Champs school app platform. The single and multi-player learning games in the app foster that sense of competition (either with other kids, or with the built-in AI system of the app). Each game covers an important topic - and repeatedly playing the games can be instrumental in helping kids grasp the topics more easily, and in a more fun way.

To set the ball rolling, Li’l Champs has launched (in the App Store and the Play Store) with 60+ educational games - each with unique illustrations, cute animations, and intuitive gameplay & controls. Over 30 subjects - under English, GK and Mathematics - are covered in the games. Being an academician herself, Maria has personally ensured that the topics covered in the Li’l Champs games adhere to the latest school curriculum syllabi. The app is an excellent learning tool for complementing traditional classroom education.

Modern-day kids get familiar with mobile devices and other smart gadgets from a very early age. Maria confirms that smartphone addiction among kids is indeed a growing problem across the globe. The Li’l Champs learning platform offers an excellent way out from this problem. All that kids want to do is play mobile games - and on this school app, they can do just that, without any problems. However, since the games are educational, the ‘game time’ gets utilised in a much more productive manner. What’s more, teachers and parents can limit the total playing time on the app - ruling out over-addiction risks.

Elaborating further, Maria pointed out that Li’l Champs is not just another run-of-the-mill learning app for kids. On this platform, the focus is on ‘learning with personalised monitoring’. There is a dedicated admin panel, from where teachers can select subject and class, and set assignments. The time and duration of these assignments can also be set. The performance of individual students on these games can also be tracked real-time - through custom-generated, detailed progress reports. This, in turn, enables the teachers to provide customised assistance and help to the young learners.

The sheer user-friendliness of the Li’l Champs app, the way in which its games combine fun with learning, and its value as a teaching aid have all contributed to the uniformly positive early reviews. To handle the actual development of this app, Maria had collaborated with Hussain Fakhruddin, noted software architect and the global head of the Teksmobile company. The duo had worked with each other earlier too for the creation of the Story Time For Kids app - which has bagged several awards and notched up over a million downloads. Maria is quietly confident of Li’l Champs matching, or even surpassing, the performance of Li’l Champs.

Maria and her team had released Li’l Champs in the Australian market first. Buoyed by the encouraging response, she has now brought it (and customised it) for Indian students and teachers. The fact that this learning app for kids puts equal emphasis on knowledge, speed and accuracy has come in for high praise from several experienced school teachers. The games are meant for students from kindergarten to the fourth grade, and contain handcrafted, carefully researched questions. There are no chances of repetitions either - thanks to the huge database of questions that the platform is powered by.

Through Li’l Champs, Maria has added an innovative touch to early learning, and given kids a glimpse of the latest element in cutting-edge education technology - augmented reality. There is a select set of AR games, which can be played after downloading a set of specially designed image files. Since all the games are highly engaging, students are encouraged to follow a more ‘involved’ approach to learning. That is precisely what Maria wanted to achieve with Li’l Champs.

It’s still early days for the Li’l Champs school app in India - but early reviews suggest that it has the potential to grow extremely popular over time. Teksmobile has a proud track record of churning out uber-successful kids’ apps, and with Li’l Champs, the app company seems to have yet another winner on its hands.

Visit https://lilchamps.in/ to know more about this all-new school app platform. The iOS version of Lil Champs is available for download here (https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/lilchamps/id1434375701), while the Android version can be downloaded from here (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lilchamps&hl=en). Li’l Champs is available for schools on an annual subscription basis, and it can easily become one of the drivers of education technology in India.