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Entrepreneurs Launch An Australian National Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Service

An innovative business model providing hassle free services to brides Australia wide!

Over one year in the making, Dry Cleaning entrepreneur Adrian Arroyo (www.wkdrycleaners.com.au) and Digital entrepreneur Peter Spinda from Digital Duet (www.digitalduet.com.au) have just launched a revolutionary online Wedding Dress dry cleaning and preservation service, www.TheWeddingDressSpecialists.com.au.

‘The benefits of getting your Wedding Dress dry cleaned and preserved can be seen for generations to come.’ says Arroyo, ‘Our unique process, which we have finetuned over the last 35 years, really brings the Wedding Dress back to its showroom condition and significantly improves the overall lifespan of such a precious garment’.

It was over a couple of glasses of wine that Arroyo and Spinda developed the idea for the new venture, and after much work the two launched the business in mid February this year.

So what exactly does The Wedding Dress Specialists do? Arroyo explains thisenthusiastically:

‘The Wedding Dress Specialists enables anyone from Australia to quickly and easily book their Wedding Dress in for dry cleaning and preservation. All a customer needs to do is head to our website, www.TheWeddingDressSpecialists.com.au, place the booking, and that’s it, we do the rest! Our couriers pick up the dress and bring it back to our Brisbane based factory. Our professional team ensures the garment is perfectly cleaned and packaged according to strict preservation guidelines. Once ready, our courier drops off the now preserved garment direct to the customer. It’s that simple! With this website we can service all of Australia, and customers can rest assured that their dress is being looked after by one of the most professional Wedding Dress dry cleaners and preservists in Australia’.

The Wedding Dress Specialists aims to make the lives of brides so much easier post wedding, eliminating the hassle associated with the age old question of ‘What do I do with my dress after my wedding?’.

For more information please contact Peter Spinda, CEO, Digital Duet, on 0434 236 418 or email peter@digitalduet.com.au