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ERP Foundation for E-Business

Cincom releases Control:2001 Web-based ERP system that optimises the supply chain by stabilising core functions in the back office

CONTROL:2001 from Cincom Systems integrates enterprise operations with the supply chain, resulting in quantifiable benefits for manufacturers such as faster time-to-market, increased market share, and more satisfied customers.

Before manufacturers can meet customer and supplier expectations for delivery at Internet speed, and expose their organisation to the pace of e-business, they must have a stable back-office operation. CONTROL:2001 from Cincom Systems, a leading provider of enterprise software for manufacturers of complex products, is a Web-based ERP foundation for e-business which does precisely that.

The product enhances the ability of manufacturers to collaborate with suppliers and customers, and enables them to begin applying e-business functionality where it makes the most sense for their business - at the core of their operations.

Successful companies understand that the correct balance of a solid ERP foundation, combined with an open and forward thinking e-business strategy, are essential building blocks for maintaining a competitive edge, said Paul Hargreaves, Cincoms Australia/New Zealand managing director.

"Our new Web-based architecture provides a zero-maintenance client, and allows users to interact with the system from anywhere in the world," said Mr Hargreaves. "And Cincom's experienced Professional Services staff can help our customers quickly and efficiently implement this first step toward integrated e-business."

CONTROL is used by hundreds of the world's largest and most successful companies that manufacture complex products. CONTROL:2001 includes Financial Management, Program Management, Demand Management, Aftermarket Management and Collaborative Management capabilities in addition to the rich core ERP functionality.

These capabilities allow organisations to manage orders, product engineering, operations, procurements and accounting from the one package.

Cincom has an outstanding record for fast implementation and ROI, making it stand out from other ERP providers.

For more information on CONTROL:2001, visit the CONTROL:2001 Web site at http://www.cincom.com/control.

About Cincom

Cincom provides software and service solutions that help our clients create, manage and grow relationships with their customers through adaptive e-business information systems. Our software products include manufacturing control systems, contact centre and customer relationship management systems, databases, document management, sales knowledge systems and e-business solutions.

Cincom provides world-class implementation and customisation services, comprehensive end-user training and worldwide 24x7 support on each and every product we sell. Our experienced professionals work toward one goal: your timely success and satisfaction.

Cincom is privately owned with more than 5000 clients in 93 countries around the world and a reputation for fostering innovative - yet reliable - technologies, relationships and people.