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Ethan Butler to Speak at Youth Week about What You Don’t Learn at School

By Melissa Coleman

It’s common for the average student to stumble through the first few years after leaving school, making unhealthy choices, financial mistakes and social errors.

And these decisions could impact their lives for years to come.

But since business entrepreneur Ethan Butler released his book What You Don't Learn At School in December 2019, both school leavers and adults have taken notice.

The 26-year-old has landed several speaking opportunities with one of his latest ‘gigs’ held during Youth Week on Wednesday 25 March at the Burnie Arts and Function Centre in Burnie, Tasmania.

Ethan said the book and his latest talks help prepare graduating students for life after school.

“It’s about picking up each puzzle piece and integrating knowledge with informed choices, to gain clarity in what to expect and how to deal with life's situations.”

“Each puzzle piece is a little step which will bring the bigger picture to fruition,” he said.

As school leavers experience life away from the classroom they learn through experiences and the people they meet.

“They say you are like the five people you hang around with most. If you hang around five people who are loose with their money, you’ll be the sixth; if you hang around five addicts, you’ll be the sixth; if you hang around five people who continuously break the law, you’ll be the sixth.”
“It’s not easy, but with the instructions from my book, it can be easier.”

Ethan says during school years we are bundled into one big bag where individualism is lost.

“Strengths and weaknesses vary from person-to-person. For example, this person may be a strong reader whereas another person may not be.”

“You are taught how to think instead of how to think for yourself,” he said.

With this in mind, Ethan is creating an online course where reading is minimal and video content is maximal.

“I really want to pursue my current focus of addressing youth about what really matters and to make the information more accessible.”

Ethan will be speaking at Not Just Books, Burnie, on Thursday 5 March from 6.30pm.

Other Engagements
Youth Week: Wednesday 25 March
Burnie Arts and Function Centre

National Job Link: Wednesday 01 April
National Job Link Burnie

What You Don't Learn At School is currently available at bookstores throughout Australia.


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