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European company - DUKA leads innovation with installation of EnduroShield’s X-line

Duka - One of Europe's premier shower producers installs EnduroShield’s X-Line in their new Northern Italy factory.

Duka, touted as a leader in design for more than 30 years, is a prestigious European innovator in shower glass solutions. Their brand represents the interaction of comfort and versatility, lightness and resistance, luxury and fashion trends.


Co-Owners Krapf and Gasser see the company as, “an interface between architecture, design and technology,” and emphasize quality where, “Technical details such as innovative adhesion technology, elegant sliding elements or folding pivot systems are planned to the last details and produced in-house.”


Duka combines stylish architectural design and the latest technology, offering their partners custom-made enclosures with quality that is difficult to surpass. Their use of in-house fabrication from high-quality raw materials and the latest innovations positions them as an industry leader.


They continue to be at the forefront of manufacturing innovation including the adoption of EnduroShield’s state of the art X-Line glass coating machine, designed and built to seamlessly integrate the easy-clean coating into their production line.


Duka joins the ranks of some of the most prominent names in the industry who rely on the overall solution EnduroShield provides to major glass manufacturers globally.


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