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Expert Tips For Dressing Kitchen Windows

They say that the kitchen is at the heart of a home but with cooking odours, humidity and privacy to consider it can be tricky to find a window dressing that works. Stuart Clark, interiors expert at www.victoryblinds.com.au, shares some advice for choosing the right solution for your kitchen window.

Balance light and privacy

Whether at the front or back of a house, kitchens can often be overlooked. Choosing shutters will allow you to control your privacy without compromising natural light.  Along with being extremely durable, shutters are also a great design feature and can add character to any room. 

Splash proof options 

Sometimes the kitchen window is located above the sink which provides its own challenges. Moisture resistant roller blinds or PVC blinds are a great option as they are easy to clean and won’t be affected by splashes of water, perfect for a busy kitchen!

Adding texture

Faux Wood blinds are popular options if you want the classic look of real wood but easier maintenance. Faux wood is washable which is perfect for humid climates like the kitchen and add style to any room.


Taps and window sills can mean that there is often not much space for a window fitting. In this case roller blinds are the perfect solution as they are simple and study plus take up minimal space. They often come in a wide range of colours and styles so your kitchen can look great and still be practical. 

Unique windows

Some kitchens have hard to reach roof windows or unique sliding doors. With neat clean lines, which can add a sense of height, vertical blinds are perfect for patio doors or roof to floor windows and can be easily adjusted to follow the course of the sun.