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FieldTec's website re-design reflects its benefit

Website upgrade helps new and old users stay up to date with what matters in mobile workforce management

The success of FieldTec has positioned the company as a leader in the development of mobile workforce solutions for the utility and local government sectors. The key element of the success of their flagship product, FOCUS, is the manner in which it streamlines the efficient free flow of information among stakeholders. The new FieldTec website mimics FOCUS in that it brings the latest relevant news and information to users in an easy to read format.

What Benefits Can FieldTec's New Website Bring to You?

Learn more about FieldTec's partners and you will develop confidence about FieldTec's world-class mobile workforce solutions. Some of FieldTec's partners include:

Assetic is a full service Australian firm that provides investment and asset management products designed for local governments.

Open Spatial is an Australian business that provides geospatial solutions for both local governments and utilities providers.

Microsoft and Orcacle software platforms provide ease of integration with your organisation's existing infrastructure.

Find out about the organisations that have implemented FOCUS and how this mobile workforce solution has benefited their organisations. Some of these companies include:

Queensland Urban Utilities

Wannon Water

Victoria Building Commission

The intuitive website navigation allows you to find the information you need quickly and easily in the same manner FOCUS allows users to find the data and reports they need.

Discover the latest news about advances in the mobile workforce and asset management fields and the ways these advances can benefit your enterprise.

Explore all the scalable technical elements of FOCUS and the ways they optimise the efficiency of your operations.

Find out how FieldTec's 10 years of experience influences the manner in which they develop mobile workforce and field assets management solutions.

Access information about the consulting services offered by FieldTec that help businesses implement mobile workforce management solutions.

View videos that provide real-life demonstrations showing how FieldTec's field management solutions work.

Discover how FOCUS can be integrated with your organisation's existing IT infrastructure.

Walk through a simulated case demonstrating the business processes utilised by FOCUS. Actual screenshots illustrate each stage of the process so you can see for yourself how FOCUS can facilitate smooth and efficient business operations.

What Led to the Re-Design of the FieldTec Website?

The rebranding and redesign of the FieldTec website reflects the evolution and advances FieldTec has made in their mobile workforce management and field asset management solutions. FieldTec, in addition to explaining the benefits of FOCUS, wants to provide the latest news and events as an added value to those who visit their site.

When asked about the reason for the branding on the new FieldTec website, Mark Hosking Managing Director Fieldtec replied, "The new look reflects the outdoor nature of our client base. We also wanted to let our brand reflect the close working relationship we have with our customers and our partners so we're really pleased we were able to put them front and centre in the new design."

You can see FieldTec's website changes at http://www.fieldtec.com/, while at the same time learning how FOCUS can optimise the efficiency of your mobile workforce operations.

More information: www.fieldtec.com

Article Source: WhaTech1