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For Stay at Home Parents, Working Out is Made Easier Than Ever

Parents and kids can enjoy getting fit at the same time.

Perth, WA, 16 October, 2014 - If you’re at home with the kids during the days, you needn’t forego your exercise routine, says Gym Manager Michelle Monks of Warwick Women’s Workout.
Now, more than ever, it’s easy to combine caring for children and still managing to keep fit – all in the comfort of your home or neighbourhood.
“The best thing you can do is to include your kids in your workouts,” Monks says. “If you have access to a park or outdoor play centre or even a large back yard, that offers a wealth of unlimited possibilities for parents and kids to enjoy healthy time together.” 
Monks says even parents with babies and toddlers can benefit being together outdoors by utilising a chest harness, baby backpack carrier or one of the newfangled bike strollers that attach in the front or back of the bicycle. One can get a better workout this way, she says, due to the extra weight from baby, and therefore, burn more calories.
On days where the weather is inclement, however, exercise options still abound. Exercise DVDs and instructional videos found on YouTube can keep a busy mum in shape in the comfort of her own home.
“Even if you’ve found yourself with no time to do a structured workout, routine housework counts as physical activity,” says Monks. “It doesn’t matter if you’re lifting loads of laundry, sweeping, mopping or reaching high to dust shelves. It goes without saying, if you have stairs in your home, you’ll get a great workout going up and down the steps each day.

“Setting your alarm for an early morning run before the kids rise can be beneficial in getting your day off to a good start – and you can concentrate on other things throughout the course of the day as well.”

The staff at Warwick believe kids should be encouraged to learn fitness at an early age to set the stage for good habits later in life. Teaching children the connection between good health and physical activity is invaluable. “Even little things, like walking or biking to the shops instead of driving or occasionally taking the stairs instead of the elevator – it’s the small things they’ll notice,” Monks says.
For women in the Perth area who feel the need to join a traditional fitness facility, Monks has good news.
“We invite mothers to check out Warwick Women’s Workout, because not only is it a friendly community of like minded, health-oriented women, we also have a supervised crèche, called The Ark, for women with younger children,” says Monks. “You can work out without worry and your kids will be in capable hands!"

The Centre also recently extended its weekday hours to accommodate its members' need for earlier or later hours.

At Warwick Women’s Workout, a women exclusive fitness facility located in Perth, WA, the staff are glad to provide fitness and health tips. Get in touch with Michelle Monks and get on the road to better health. To learn more, visit their website at http://www.warwickwomensworkout.com.au or call them on (08) 9342 9028.