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Four “Death Moves” Guaranteed to Sabotage Your Video Marketing Campaign

Video marketing firm in Gold Coast offers tips on how to avoid the four most common and egregious errors in video marketing.

Perth, WA, April 23, 2013 - Due to changes in Google’s algorithm, video marketing has become a very important part of most serious Internet marketing campaigns. Videos, if promoted correctly, can not only be seen by thousands, but can also help vault a website to page one of Google for very competitive keywords.
This has led to a virtual flood of videos on sites like YouTube, with mixed results. Sometimes the most professionally produced video fails with a resounding thud, while a teenager’s smartphone video of a friend doing something stupid can go viral and get a million views overnight.
While nobody can guarantee with 100% certainty that a video will or will not be successful, savvy video marketers have noticed a pattern in what does and doesn’t work. In particular, knowing the worst mistakes to avoid can save any company, large or small, a lot of time and effort, and produce much better results.
The first common error is often called “set it and forget it.” Many marketers think that they can simply put a video up on YouTube, and it will automatically be seen by thousands of viewers. In reality, very few YouTube videos are ever seen by as many as 1,000 people without a lot of help.
The second common error is thinking that one video makes an entire marketing campaign. One video can be seen by thousands of people, but forgotten the next day. Statistics, surveys, and anecdotal data all agree that it takes a series of videos to be successful.
The third common error is making a video advertisement instead of a video that provides great information, great entertainment, or both. People go to websites or videos for information or entertainment. They do not go to be bombarded by commercials. If a video looks like a commercial, the viewer will not finish watching it.
The fourth error is to not have a plan or strategy. Human development gurus communicate this concept thusly: ”If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
Michael Hanson, Owner  and Founder of Video Labs, a video production company in the Gold Coast, has extensive experience in helping businesses not only avoid these strategic errors, but in mitigating the damage done to a business by faulty video marketing strategy. According to Hanson: “These errors are really easy to avoid, because they are merely errors of omission: not errors of commission.”
Michael went on to describe his deceptively simple system for maximising the results of a video campaign: “First, you must have a marketing strategy. It does no good to throw a bunch of videos around with no concrete plan. You might as well save the time, money, and effort, and watch videos with your kids instead. Second, your plan must feature repetition and consistency. One video is not enough; you must have serial content to make a serious dent in the market.”
He continued, “The last thing you must always remember is that you must make a video that is worth watching. Obviously your agenda is to move your product. Unfortunately, the viewer’s agenda is to obtain great information or be entertained. If you fail to do at least one of these, there is no reason for anyone to watch your video.”
Video Labs is a video production and video marketing firm serving Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas. They have produced numerous successful video campaigns, and specialise in results.

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