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Gearing up for Australia’s first over 40s’ rock concert

Aussie legends Choirboys and 1927 prove you're never too old to dance

A North Queensland man who was told he was 'too old to dance' at a Cold Chisel concert will prove otherwise when Australia's First Over 40s' Rock Concert is held at Tony Ireland Stadium, Townsville this Saturday (October 20, 2012).

Not too old to Dance is the first time an event of this magnitude has been staged exclusively for over 40s and is expected to draw more than 3,000 ageing air guitar enthusiasts. The 10-hour event will take place exactly one year and two days after Richard Fuller's double fist pumping earned him a court hearing, a $450 fine and national media attention.

Mr Fuller said he is living proof that age is no barrier to enjoying music and that he's thrilled at the idea of an outdoor concert staged specifically for the mature market.

"If my experience last year taught me anything, it's that there are hoards of 'oldies' like me around that still want loud music, a few cold beers and the freedom to dance when the mood strikes them," said Mr Fuller.  

"There are always plenty of gigs on for the younger crowd and crooner fans -- especially here in regional Australia -- but this is the first I've heard of a day-long event custom made for the old rockers."

Aussie pub rock legends Choirboys and 1927 will headline the concert, giving music enthusiasts a fabulous opportunity to let their hair down and relive their glory days.

Bass guitarist for 1927, Simon Shapiro said the story behind Not too old to Dance really resonated with the band.

"The story of a man being told he was too old to dance really stirred something in us.  When we're performing we want people to dance.  You go to a concert to enjoy the music and if that makes your body feel like moving - then you should be able to do that," said Shapiro.

"We're really looking forward to getting back to Townsville and playing at an open air concert.  We'll be praying for good weather and the general spirit of keeping youthful because if you can't dance and can't enjoy music, what's the point?"

Popular local bands Back'n'Business, Godfathers of Funk, Alien8, LiveWire and MidLife Crisis round out the  Not too old to Dance line-up.

Events organiser -- and the brain power behind Not too old to Dance --  Margie Ryder knows how to stage a crowd pleaser and while she assures concert goers that the event will provide a fabulous duck walk (a la Angus Young) down memory lane, it also has a serious side with $10 from every ticket sold being donated to beyondblue.

"Depression and anxiety can often hit people as they reach their 40s," said Mrs Ryder.

"Life stressors such as being over-worked; the loss of loved ones; or simply the challenges of juggling life, work and family can be prominent as people reach their mid-40s. We simply want people to take some time out for themselves, get away from the hassle of every day challenges and just relax with friends."

About Not too old to Dance
In 2011, at a Cold Chisel concert in Townsville, 43-year-old Richard Fuller was slapped with a $450 fine and told he was "too old to dance" after security guards threw him out of the concert for some harmless dancing in the aisle. The incident garnered national media coverage and sparked fierce support for Fuller's case.

Inspired by Mr Fuller's story, Margie Ryder created Not too old to Dance, a charitable event inspired for the thousands of over 40s who enjoy an opportunity to let their hair down and rock on, while supporting a good cause.

Not too old to Dance will be held at Townsville's Tony Ireland Stadium on October 20, 2012 from 12pm to 10pm and will include music from popular local coverbands Back'n'Business, Godfathers of Funk, LiveWire, Alien8 and Midlife Crisis; as well as Aussie music legends Choirboys and 1927.

Tickets cost $62.50 and are available online or at Party Shop Townsville, 90 Charters Towers Road. Concert goers must be 30 years or older and those born after 1972 must be accompanied by a chaperone over 40.

$10 from every ticket sold will be donated to beyondblue to help address the issues associated with depression, anxiety and related illnesses.

For more information, tickets and to join the Not too old to Dance mailing list go to www.not2old2dance.com.

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See Townsville's retirees star alongside Choirboys’ and 1927's front men Mark Gable and Eric Weideman as they gear up for Australia's first over 40s rock concert.


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