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Get out and recover with ease!

when considering a recovery kit, you need to think about what terrain you think you might encounter, with both the essential recovery kit and the Complete recovery kit by Hercules, you get included;

Everyone loves tackling the most gnarly tracks in their pride and joy particularly with your mates in convoy, you get to push the limits of what is capable with  your 4WD and when you get back to camp those who managed to get flexed up or lifting wheels without needing to be recovered earn some serious bragging rights!

Not everyone gets to brag at camp, but to make sure you don’t head out disadvantaged, you should equip your 4WD with a reliable Hercules Recovery Kit and an extremely strong Domin8r X 12,000lb winch!

This epic winning combo of not just one of the best value winches in Australia but coupled with a comprehensive recovery kit to help you rescue yourself or anyone else in your group from some serious trouble on the tracks.

The Domin8r X 12,000lb winch has enough pulling power to drag your mates fully loaded landcruiser out of mud, 12,000lbs is nearly 5.5 tons of pulling power, which can be doubled with a double line pull using the Hercules recovery kit’s Snatch Block pulley, because of physics, you double the pulling power to nearly 11000kg, and slow down the recovery to half speed, ensuring you have the most control over your recovery setup and can save even the most heavily kitted out 4WD’s on the tracks!


Not only do you make trips away with your mates incredibly easy with the safety net of being able to pull yourselves free, you will be able to perform solo recoveries when you find yourself in dodgy situations on your own, simply disengage the clutch and run your winch cable out to a suitable tree trunk to winch off.

This is where the included tree trunk protector comes in handy, strong and wide, it will distribute the force of your winch cable over a large area on the tree’s bark ensuring you don’t ring bark the tree and kill it, this is also a good time to use your recovery dampenera dampener comes in handy when you are using metal components in a recovery. By acting as an air brake and a weight to both slow potential projectiles that could result from high energy recoveries, and also to drag them low, preventing injury to spectators and damage to vehicles.

The Domin8r X has a 7.2HP motor which is run through a 218:1 planetary gearbox, which gives 4WDers absolute control at the push of a button – whilst most 12,000lb winches on the market offer a standard cable operated hand held controller, whilst the Domin8r X also has the ability to unscrew the cable and have a completely wireless control of your winch, which makes solo recoveries that much simpler.

On top of the extremely easy to operate function of the Domin8r X Winch the winch drum comes preloaded 9.5mm braided HDPE winch cable, which is lighter stronger and splinter free unlike the steel counterparts available on the market, which makes a weight saving on the front of your 4WD of around 10-15kg compared to old school steel cables.

when considering a recovery kit, you need to think about what terrain you think you might encounter, with both the essential recovery kit and the Complete recovery kit by Hercules, you get included;

1 x Snatch Block, 8,000kg

1 x Snatch Strap, 8,000kg, 9m x 60mm

1 x Tree Trunk Protector, 10,000kg, 3m x 75mm

1 x Extension Strap, 5,000kg

2 x Bow Shackles 4.7T each

1 x Winch Dampener with pockets for recovery gear.

Where if you need more accessories, the Hercules Complete Recovery Kit also includes:


1x Folding Shovel

1x Kwiky Tyre Deflator

1x Heavy Duty Gloves

1x Recovery Bag

Meaning no matter what circumstance you get yourself into, you may need to deflate your tyres more, or even dig your 4WD free!