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Global Capital Commercial offers exclusive private property loans through IKON Capital

IKON Capital, to introduce an exclusive range of private property loans, tailored to meet the needs of Australian businesses and investors.

Commercial loan specialist, Global Capital Commercial, has recently paired up with new private lender, IKON Capital, to introduce an exclusive range of private property loans, tailored to meet the needs of Australian businesses and investors. With interest starting from a low 9.95 per cent and loans beginning at $500,000 and capped at $20 million per loan, it allows borrowers further opportunities to expand their private property portfolios in the retail, commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

When Global Capital Commercial was recently interviewed about the new lenders role in their financial services, company spokesperson Andrew West said, "Global Capital Commercial is pleased to announce the exclusive origination agreement with IKON Capital, a new private lender offering private property loans to Australian borrowers." The company believes that IKON Capital's approach of "common sense lending" and wide variety of private property loans, from financials to interest prepaid, will appeal to many Australians businesses, brokers and investors.

IKON Capital's portfolio has loans available for all types of private property interests, from commercial, industrial and retail real estate through to specialised assets, such as caravan parks, hotels, child care centres or service stations. While Global Capital Commercial understand that fluctuations are expected in property prices, they have experienced firsthand how popular the private property market is for businesses and investors and feel that there are Australian borrowers looking for the flexible conditions and interest rates available in IKON Capital's loans.

While Global Capital Commercial already provide clients with access to a wide and varied portfolio of commercial loans nationally, the opportunity for them to expand the range of product offerings available with the exclusive line of competitive private property loans through a private non-bank lender IKON Capital was to difficult for them to refuse.

The company is currently recognised as the largest B2B national brokerage service, providing brokers, investors and businesses Australia-wide with access to over 450 lenders, along with having their own private lending division. When they first became established in 2001, the Global Capital Commercial specialised in commercial loans and property development finance, but have since grown to become a leading national independent financer.

The company credits their growth in the commercial loan market to their end-to-end expertise, a strong focus on utilising the latest technologies and systems, and having an industry-leading IP. At present, Global Commercial Capital has over 14,500 clients, 6,500 introducing brokers and a panel of over 450 lenders. They are also dedicated to ensuring their clients don't have to wait lengthy loan approval times.

If you would like to find out more about the range of private property loans available from IKON Capital through Global Commercial Capital, you can contact the company today on 1300 011 211 and speak to one of their brokers. For further information about Global Commercial Capital, their lenders, product portfolios and the team of brokers available you can visit their website at: https://www.globalcapital.com.au/

Press Contact Number: 1300 011 211