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Gold Coast Business ACS Distance Education Celebrates 40 Years in 2019

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27 March 2019

ACS Distance Education Celebrates 40 Years in 2019

Family-Owned Vocational School Still Going Strong After 40 Years

Starting out with nothing more than a printing press and a few ads in the back of gardening magazines, horticulturalist John Mason has come a long way. Often referred to as an educational innovator, John heads up Robina-based ACS Distance Education, a distance education school with a focus on developing real world skills in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Since its humble beginnings, ACS has developed over 700 courses, helping students worldwide with everything from setting up a vegetable garden in the backyard to becoming a life coaches, landscape designers, counsellors, business owners, and many more.

ACS Puts Students First

ACS has a student-focussed approach, which is why we’ve developed our own custom learning system, and interactive career maps. Working at the leading edge of educational research, we believe in tailoring learning to the student. As a family business, ACS treats all its students as individuals – ACS academic staff are available to help students 5 days a week.

Why Interactive Career Maps?

The educational and employment landscapes are in flux. With its practical, goal-oriented maps, and self-paced learning, John believes ACS can help Gold Coasters find their passion and get into a career they love. People like Darrell Blackman, who says ACS’ Crisis Counselling course “enhances my skills in my job in the disability field.  One of the most pleasing things about ACS, is the flexibility it does allow in the way that you can lay out your assignments.  They are not pedantic about little issues; but [instead focus on] the core learning that you have gained”.


What has ACS learned in 40 years?

Skills matter.

Degrees look great – on your wall. Employers need staff with real world training and skills. Practical understanding and application are necessary across today’s marketplace, even for people just starting out. With new interactive career maps, ACS helps job-seekers find experience-based pathways into their dream job.

There are no secrets to getting your dream job – it’s all hustle and hard work.

Resume dropping, cold calls, volunteering – finding a job you love is all about getting your name out there and proving yourself. Follow the standard recruiter advice and analyse job ads. Then go out and network. Attend seminars and conferences, volunteer for non-profits, and get involved in the sector as much as you can. Capitalise on any opportunities you see.

All learners have the potential to “make it”.

There’s no such thing as an unteachable student. Everyone learns differently. If you’ve had trouble with traditional learning methods and classrooms, you might need to vary your approach. Some people learn best by getting out and doing; others need time to read, diagram, and take notes. Do what works for you.

You have to advocate for yourself.

If your current learning program isn’t working for you, be vocal about it. Get in touch with your school and let them know your thoughts and ask for help. At ACS, we adapt programs to suit our learner’s needs, which means everything from tailoring assignment content to offering exams over the phone for learner’s with special literacy needs.

John is available for interviews via phone or at the ACS Gold Coast office in Robina. To learn more about ACS and our programs, contact Sarah at admin@acs.edu.au

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