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GPS helps Alzheimers and dementia patients

Real-time tracking device alerts carers when patients go missing

Perth based GPS Tracking service provider Myionu has launched a new GPS tracking service called Myionu for safety to help carers of Alzheimers and dementia patients.

The small GPS tracking device will raise an alert should a patient leave or enter any preset location, (for example their home). The device will then constantly update the location of the patient at regular 1 minute or 3 minute intervals.

The location can be viewed via a secure portal from any PC, Tablet or Smartphone with an internet connection.

Paul Delaney, Myionu head of sales said “Carers are turning to GPS Tracking technology to provide real-time visibility of patients” He continues “now that GPS tracking devices have become more affordable they are fast becoming a viable solution in the healthcare market ”

Myionu for safety is a small battery powered GPS tracking device that can be put in a pocket, clipped to a belt or lanyard. The battery can last up to 400 hours in a single charge with alerts being raised and sent to the carer via email when the battery level gets too low.

Myionu for safety also features a duress system which, when activated, immediately alerts the carer via email and an audiovisual alert on computer screen as to the location of the patient. The unit will also continue to track the patient’s movements.

There are no doubt concerns whether this technology is an invasion of privacy. Mr Delaney commented on these concerns, “ each customer has a secure personal login, I believe that GPS tracking will become as common place as mobile phones are within a few years. It is the responsibility of ourselves (and other service providers) to ensure subscribers only use the service for legitimate purposes and that should we become aware that the service is being misused it will be immediately suspended.

The cost of the Myionu for safety is just $249 with monthly subscriptions from only $30.

Myionu for Safety Device

Myionu Web based portal view

Myionu when viewed with a smartphone

Myionu for Safety Device