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Hair Restore Advanced Warns of Potential Side Effects of Chemical Hair Loss Treatments

Australians told chemicals can cause low blood pressure, heart palpitations and loss of libido

Natural hair loss treatment, Hair Restore Advanced, is warning Australians about potential side effects of chemical treatments for balding.

Common side effects of these treatments include: heart palpitations and irregular heart beat, very low blood pressure and dizziness, loss of concentration, loss of libido, erection problems and impotence, weight gain, stomach and intestinal problems, and urination problems.

These side effects can be particularly damaging for teenagers dealing with premature hair loss, as their bodies are still growing and developing during puberty.

“While in many cases side effects will dissipate after a few weeks, some can continue through the entire usage of the product and can even cause serious and long-lasting health problems,” says Hair Restore Advanced Pharmacist, Jenny Nguyen.

Unlike most hair loss treatments, Hair Restore Advanced uses an all-natural formula and does not include any synthetic chemicals that may damage the body. Its active ingredients are tonic herbs, like Eclipta Prostrata, vitamins and minerals that nourish and repair hair.

Natural hair loss treatments, because they contain no toxins or chemicals, cause no known side effects and are gentler on the scalp. Unlike chemical products, they are suitable for all scalp types and skin sensitivity levels.

Hair Restore Advanced has been safely used by thousands of Australian men and women.

“Overall, hair loss treatments containing only natural ingredients, such as Hair Restore Advanced, are safer, more effective, cheaper, and more user-friendly than their chemically- based counterparts,” says Jenny.

Hair Restore Advanced is available online at www.hairrestoreadvanced.com.au or at pharmacies across Australia.