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Halo Headphones launches new range – “Wear the Music”

World’s first headphones in a headband exclusive collection now available

Sydney, Australia, November 22, 2010 – N.A.S.T. International, creators of the innovative Halo Headphones – headphones in a headband, today released its latest series of Halo Headphones catering to a wide variety of leisure and active interests.

Defined by a fresh tagline “Wear the Music” and modern packaging, the new Halo Headphones range includes five new sets of stylish speakers in bold colours, each complemented with a classic black headband. The new range makes a dashing distinction between categories such as: Sport in fiery red, Travel timeless navy, Kids in bright yellow, Snow in cool light blue and of course the Original in classic black.

Equipped with a one metre cable and 36mm high fidelity stereo speakers that produce superior sound quality, the new Halo Headphones speakers have a “Y” shaped strain relief to separate cords, making them more durable and longer lasting. Speakers are inserted into the opening at the back of the one size fits all, interchangeable headband and unlike other headphones, are non-intrusive and not fixed in place – speakers can be adjusted and aligned directly over ears for a more personalised fit.

Each specific category of Halo Headphones comes with a headband made from a customised technical fabric that is designed especially for each designated end user or activity.

The Original Halo Headphones headband is made from Supplex, an advanced lightweight fabric that is fully breathable, washable, colour fast and quick drying. Ideal for leisurely walks and jogs or sitting and relaxing, Halo Headphones sit over the ears and are comfortable enough to wear lying down and falling asleep.

The Sport Halo Headphones headband is designed for higher intensity activities such as running, cycling, working out at the gym or any other fitness-related routine. Created from Sorbtek, a moisture wicking fabric, perspiration is absorbed immediately. Sorbtek is a superior performance yarn that has the ability to move moisture faster and further. More importantly, while exercising in traffic such as running or cycling, users can still retain peripheral hearing by moving the headband up, so the speakers only partially cover the ear.

The Travel Halo Headphones headbands are especially excellent for travelling, particularly for air voyages as it comes with a two-pin airline adapter in addition to the standard 3.5mm jack. Made from liquid titanium fabric, the headband has a calming effect and promotes blood circulation, as a result, increasing metabolism and creating an improved immune response. Alternatively, the Travel headbands can be used as an eye mask by sliding the headband over eyes and ears.

The Kids Halo Headphones headbands have been designed for youngsters who like to listen to music while playing. Offering a cotton-like comfort that actually dries faster than cotton, the headbands are created from high performance fabric with a Zelcon finish. The naturally absorbent fabric finish keeps the headband dry, is anti-static, as well as shrink and fade resistant. Furthermore, the Zelcon finish releases stubborn stains in the wash and keeps dirt in the wash water away from fabric. Parents will be pleased to know Halo Headphones are non-intrusive and soft on the ears – kids can enjoy music safely while playing.

The Snow Halo Headphones headbands are toasty warm, light, breathable and great for wearing while skiing or snowboarding the slopes. The Snow headbands are created with polar fleece – “the original synthetic fleece fabric that has forever changed the way the world dresses for cold weather.” Fabric is soft and comfortable, keeping users’ heads and ears warm and insulated in cold conditions. Also quick drying and durable, the headbands allow skiers to stay snug and offer long-lasting loveliness.

Catering to audio addicts, energetic enthusiasts and leisure lovers alike, Halo Headphones delivers crystal clear sounds in cosy comfort without the inconvenience of bulky plastic casing of traditional headphones or troublesome ear-bud earphones – no more annoying headphones dropping out or niggling cables. During extreme activities such as high intensity exercise or sliding fast down the snowy slopes, Halo Headphones will stay gently on the ears, even when tripping or tumbling!

The new Halo Headphones range will be available from end November 2010 – just in time for Christmas – RRP AU$59.95. Additional headbands are also available in an array of colours and fabrics for desired pursuits – RRP AU$14.95. Visit www.haloheadphones.com to purchase online or to view the full stockist list (under ‘Stores’).

About N.A.S.T. International
N.A.S.T. International (New Style and Advanced Technology) is an Australian company and are makers of the innovative Halo Headphones – headphones in a headband. Designed and developed by Kirsten Black, Anthill Magazine 30under30 entrepreneur, Halo Headphones has been named in Anthill Magazine’s SMART 100 (2009), as well as being shortlisted in the Australian International Design Awards and a top three finalist in the Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards. Halo Headphones are a smart and unique listening system and can be found in a range of retailers, resellers and online. For more information, visit www.haloheadphones.com.