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High Point Tree Management has Tree Pruning Sydney Solutions for Palms

Trees need regular care to maintain health and achieve optimal growth. High Point Tree Management is a specialist in all facets of tree care, removal, lopping, pruning and stump grinding. The experts work with all types of tree species, along with palm trees that have special needs and requirements.

Palm tree cleaning is one of the many services available at High Point Tree Management. Cleaning services are employed to maintain the tree’s health and to enhance its appearance. Removing dead, dying and weak fronds relieves weight on the tree and discourages infestations by rodents and insect pests.

However, there are also safety concerns connected with palm trees. Palms periodically drop fronds that present a danger to people, pets and property. The fronds may look lightweight, but depending on the palm tree species and the tree’s maturity, a frond can weigh from 15 to 100 pounds. Tree pruning Sydney prevents the potential for injuries.

For species that produce fruit, such as coconut palms, there’s an additional danger. The fruits must be removed to prevent them from falling and causing injuries or property damage. A coconut can weigh from 1.5 to 5 pounds.

Despite their resilient appearance, special care must be taken when removing fronds to ensure the trunk or base doesn’t incur any harm. When a palm tree trunk sustains an injury, the damage never fully heals and will result in a weak spot. The tree experts and tree removal Sydney services at High Point Tree Management are performed carefully to avoid trunk damage.

Tree loppers near me for palms is provided when they’ve outgrown their space or are dying due to any number of causes. Many individuals discover that gardening around palms can be almost impossible due to the tree’s root system and have them removed to make fuller use of their outdoor spaces.

The experts also provide stump grinding, gutter cleaning and mulching services, along with land clearing and vegetation management. High Point Tree Management provides an extensive array of tree-related services for residential, business and commercial customers, and governmental entities. The company is available 24/7, offers emergency services, free no-obligation quotes, and works with clients’ insurance companies.

About High Point Tree Management

We specialise in tree removals and maintenance, tree lopping, tree pruning, land clearing, palm tree removal, gutter cleaning, and stump grinding. We have over 10 years of experience and we’re a member of the National Arbour Society. Follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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