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Home services and home delivery Mega-Trends merge in Australian first.

Pawssum home visit vets and PetScripts online pet pharmacy collaborate to make Aussie pet owners lives even easier.

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Home services and home delivery Mega-Trends merge in Australian first.  Pawssum home visit vets and PetScripts online pet pharmacy collaborate to make Aussie pet owners lives even easier.

Owning a dog or cat is one of life’s great pleasures for millions of Australians, and most understand that with those pleasures comes the need for occasional vet visits for both routine matters such as vaccinations and also for emergency or unexpected care. This is the main reason demand is rising for Australia’s $4 billion vet industry, which is growing at around three per cent a year (Ibisworld February 2019).

For many Australian pet owners getting to their local vet clinic can be a struggle, sometimes because of mobility or transport issues and sometimes because it’s difficult to fit a vet visit in during business hours.

Vet bills are also soaring, largely attributable to advances in medical and surgical procedures and the release in recent years of new drugs to treat chronic illnesses.

Busy lives and tight budgets are the reason that Australians have shown themselves very willing to follow two of  the global -consumer mega-trends of the 21st century - home services (think home massage, home doctor services, and even home doggie day care) and home delivery services (think Uber Eats and Amazon). 

And when it comes to pet care, Australian pet owners are no different, increasingly turning to home visits from vets and getting online pet pharmacies to deliver discount pet medicines to their door. 

Today two pioneers in those areas, vet home visit service Pawssum and online pet pharmacy PetScripts, have announced a collaboration that merges those two global consumer trends into one in an Australian first.

The PetScripts and Pawssum collaboration announced today, will make things even easier for pet owners. When a Pawssum vet makes a house call and decides that a prescription pet medicine is appropriate, at the pet owner’s request,  PetScripts pharmacists will process the vet’s prescription and dispense the medications and have them shipped directly to the pet owner’s home within a few days. The pet owner doesn’t need to find and visit a pharmacy which stocks pet medicines (most pharmacies don’t) and also benefits from PetScripts discounted prices and home delivery ensures the pet gets its medicine promptly and easily.

There is no doubt that home delivery and home service trends are here to stay, and the Pawssum/PetScripts collaboration offers an unparalleled pet care experience to Australian pet owners. 


 About PetScripts.com.au: Vet owned and using registered Australian pharmacists, PetScripts.com.au is Australia's leading online pet pharmacy, allowing Australian pet owners to save money by buying discount prescription pet medications for home delivery. PetScripts.com.au was founded by Dr Mark Perissinotto and his brother Steven Perissinotto,  online retail pioneers who launched Australia's first, and what is now Australia's largest and most awarded online pet supplies retailer, VetShopAustralia.com.au in 1999. Note: a valid prescription from an Australian veterinarian is required to order products from PetScripts.com.au

About Pawssum:  Pawssum is Australia’s #1 vet home visit app and booking system connecting local, trusted vets with pet owners across Australia. Launched in 2016, Pawssum’s mission is to provide affordable, accessible and convenient vet to home services. Available 365 days a year until 10.30pm, Pawssum vets make house calls which means no more stressful trips to the clinic and more effective in-home care where pets are relaxed. Pricing is upfront and transparent, and the Pawssum app enables you to access your pet’s medical records right at your fingertips. Pawssum also offers Telepet (Video Chat) services to support you and your pet if needed. Offering a wide range of veterinary services including annual examinations, vaccinations, titer testing and peaceful at-home euthanasia; Pawssum vets come to your home to ensure the best care possible is given to your pet. For continuity of care, they also partner with local vet clinics if any in-clinic procedures are required such as surgery or x-rays.




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Pawssum – Joy Fong, Business Growth Manager 0404 310 602 joy.fong@pawssum.com