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How Much Does A Professional Business Website Cost?

A professional, lead-generating business website is your number one marketing tool.

To succeed as a business online, a virtual shop front that merely describes your company will no longer cut it; your business website should be constantly working to attract customers and generate revenue.

A professionally designed small business website in Australia, depending on size and complexity, can range anywhere from $5,000- $20,000.

Yes, there are cheaper website options out there, however: end of the day, as the good old saying goes “you get what you pay for”. Cheap web design can say more about your business as a first impression that you’re willing to admit. Sure, the website may function and list your services, but with no marketing, lead generation, email nurturing or conversion strategies in place – you simply have wasted money on an ‘online brochure’ and left crossing your fingers, hoping someone will call you, or fill out an online enquiry.

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