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How To Avoid Workplace Death Due To Negligence

On Friday the 30th of May, two companies that were involved in a workplace death were convicted of negligence and face a fine over $5000!

Geoffrey Gowan, 57, died in a workplace accident in 2009 after being crushed to death by a truck-mounted crane.  The court ruled that his instruction on the machinery had been inadequate and no measure had been put into place to monitor, instruct, train or supervise him. Mr Gowan had only operated the machine once before the accident.

The a labour hire and contracting company responsible for Mr Gowan’s death are now under fire, due to exposing him to a substantial risk of harm leading to his death. The companies now have to drastically overhaul their health and safety regulations in order to prevent such a tragedy from occurring again and have to implement better induction processes, and improved safety training and competence assessments. As well as suffering severe damage to their reputations.

But this incident could have had much larger consequences on the companies; it could have involved a maximum penalty of up $750,000, an amount that could cripple a business! Luckily WHS Solutions can help you avoid all of these damages and protect your employees by providing evaluation and monitoring services for all aspects of your workplace health and safety.

Did you know that workplace health & safety injuries cost Australian businesses over $60 billion dollars a year?

Enlisting the aid of a workplace health and safety consultant is the smartest way to avoid big money losses in regards to injuries and other safety risks. WHS Solutions (WHSS) is an outsourced team of health and safety consultants, we work side-by-side with you manage your occupational health and safety systems with our WHSS Safety³ System. We help protect your well-being, assets, family and staff from unnecessary harm – all for a fixed fee.

The team at WHS Solutions has combined experience of over 132 years; we will provide the proper certification, assist in winning more tenders and increase the value of your business!

WHS Solutions works with companies all over Western Australia and after just 20 minutes with an experienced WHS consultant you can learn if your company is compliant.

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