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How to choose between yoga and pilates and why you should care

Why understanding the difference will help you choose the right one for you.

As the owner of the Business of Yoga, I have been practicing yoga for 20 years, after having children, I became hyper flexible (over flexible) in my joints. I didn't know you could be over flexible!

This lead me on a journey to discover Pilates and how it has helped me to stabilize my joints through strengthening my muscles.

Now I have a deeper understanding of my body and how it works.

I think that Pilates and Yoga complement each other. They’ve both got their benefits and their nuances, therefore some people will be better suited to one or the other.

First of all, a brief run down from my perspective.


Yoga is a very old form of exercise, meditation and mindset, developed in India over hundreds of years.
Traditionally yoga encompassed not only the exercise (strength and stretching) component, but also meditation, attitude, and lifestyle study.
Our westernized version in our many local Yoga studios composes of using pre-determined yoga “poses” in a certain order, aimed at utilizing the musculoskeletal system, respiratory system and organ systems of the whole body.

Usually there will be minimal aids in a yoga class, with the exception of a bolster or foam block occasionally.
A yoga class can be quite challenging or quite relaxing, depending on the style, but will almost always have a balance of stretching, strengthening and balancing components.


Pilates was founded by Dr Joseph Pilates last century in New York.yoga or pilates, pilates classes, chi ball and roller pilates classes, the business of yoga, the business of pilates, Anna Kay
Pilates has always had the aim of assisting with musculoskeletal ailments or weaknesses.

Dr Pilates recognized the importance of knowing how to control individual muscles within our body, and developed a series of exercises aimed at isolating, activating and strengthening dysfunctional muscles, followed by bringing these newly strengthened muscles together to create a more efficient way of moving.

Pilates uses not only mat-based work, but also machines such as the reformer and trapeze table, plus others.
Pilates classes may be one on one, or in a group.

So which should you try?

There’s no blanket rules when it comes to the Pilates vs Yoga debate. Some of my clients find Pilates boring as anything, whereas others love the discipline and challenge of it. On the other hand, some of my clients love Yoga because of not only the physical aspects, but the mental relaxation and concentration required. Others however, find it a bit too “hippy” for their liking.

If you are wanting to tone your body and keep strong for any sport or life activity Pilates is great. If you are wanting to have a physical challenge and learn some breathing and meditation techniques then maybe Yoga is for you. Both are fabulous therapies and very different depending on who is teaching!
Both of these forms of exercise can be fantastically beneficial. If you don’t like one, why not try the other?

If you'd like to learn more about Yoga or Pilates, attend one of the Business of Yoga's classes or book a corporate class for your business call us today on 0429 435 726 for more information and free quote.

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