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How to choose the right tough case for your mobile tech

Having invested in great mobile technology, for work and for play, now you need to protect it.

When replacement iPad screens cost around $149, investing in a good quality tough case is kind on your wallet and on your stress level - and keeps you in business.

Tough cases use protective materials including ABS toughened plastic and rubber to give multiple layers of protection. Think of it as a helmet for your portable brain...

The best brands also have filters to keep muck out of sensitive ports (mud in your USB, sir?). Some also have built in stands to make viewing and working anywhere easy.

The new big deal in mobile technology protection are waterproof cases. Drop your mobile in a puddle... disaster? Not with a high quality waterproof case, as your gear will be protected.

And that is the point: To be sure you can really rely upon a tough case, buy a genuine brand case. The cheap copies just don’t have the same engineering and quality. The cost of a fake case is a broken device – and that is just not worth it.

Key things to look for in a tough case for your mobile phone or tablet

     Does it have a screen protector?

     What is its rating for drop protection?

     What is its rating for dust protection?

     What is its rating for water protection?

     What/who rated it?

     Where am I buying it from? Are they a reputable retailer, with quality products? Do they know about the products they are selling?

     Is there a warranty with your purchase?

Tough case certification

Choose a case with international recognition for its ability to protect your gear. The key qualifiers of tough are US Military and IP68.


Military Standard 810G is a United States Military Standard that establishes testing methods replicating environmental effects to determine resistance to environmental stress sequences and the life cycle of the equipment.


IP68 is a rating of Ingress Protection Rating published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)that categorises the degree of environmental protection against the invasion of solid foreign objects and water.

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