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How to maintain your vape.

This article will cover information about how to maintain your vape/e-cigarette.

A very common issue and the main reason why most vapes get sent back to us to have a look at is when users over tighten the 510 (connection between mod and tank). When attaching the tank to a mod you only need to tighten until it forms a snug fit. Over tightening can actually brake the 510 connection. This is a very common and avoidable mistake that e-cigarette users make.

Another tip to help with maintaining your vape / e-cigarette products is when charging batteries. If your device takes external batteries it is recommended that an external charger is used rather than the mods usb port. The reasoning behind this is that most external battery charges have special features like automatic shut off and will also charger faster. By using an external battery charger it will prolong to longevity of your battery. If you were using the onboard charging system (usb connection) then you will notice that we will need to change the battery cells every 6-8 months.

Make sure that you are turning the unit off when changing batteries, connecting or disconnecting tanks. By doing this easy little thing you will avoid any malfunctions on the motherboard and device itself.

The final tip about what you can do to care for your device is making sure that you keep it up to date with the last firmware. By doing these updates you will notice that from bug fixes to added features will be available.

We hope that this article will help you with any issues or questions you may have in regards to looking after your device.

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