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HROnboard goes global release

HROnboard, the bootstrapped HR tech startup from Australia, goes global

HROnboard, a Melbourne developed cloud employee onboarding platform, is launching its global release at the HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas and HR Tech World Congress in Paris. HROnboard aims to grow their reach in the market, engage potential investors and partners, and spread awareness of their employee onboarding platform.

"HROnboard started in January of 2013. We've since grown to almost 60 customers in Australia. Having developed our business model and refined our software, it's now time to take our solution global. It has always the goal to become a global onboarding solution," said CEO and founder, Peter Forbes, about the expansion.

HROnboard Global Release

The latest release of HROnboard now includes multi-language support for organisations hiring across multiple countries. Not only does this widen their addressable market to include far more countries, but it also means multi-nationals can now use a single platform for offer management and employee induction across multiple countries.  

International new hires can complete their job offer in the language they are most comfortable with.  A library of mandatory information and forms for different countries and jurisdictions is available "out of the box" to customers for Australia, New Zealand, the US and UK with more countries to follow.

"We've assessed the overseas markets, and we know HROnboard has what it takes to compete on a global scale. With the rise of cloud computing, you don't need to be based in Silicon Valley to be globally competitive," Peter Forbes said about the challenges of competing in the international market.


How HROnboard is launching onto the global stage

HROnboard is designed to be bundled into a wider HR solution, which will help it penetrate new markets. Peter is looking for partners and RPO's to help the Australian business expand internationally.

"We've always had the technical capability to go international. This is more a change in mindset than a change in code," Peter Forbes said about the global release.

The startup has been bootstrapped to date, operating off revenue from sister company, Navigo. The team are open to funding to grow, find great talent, and to attract experienced advisors.

Attendees of the HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas and HR Tech World Congress in Paris will be able to experience HROnboard firsthand from the candidate's perspective during the exhibitions.


HROnboard is utilising the Australian Government export grant to subsidise the costs of attending the overseas conferences.

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About HROnboard

HROnboard is cloud based employee onboarding software that helps organisations manage the job offer and new hire process.  HROnboard's mission is to be the world's number one employee onboarding platform, freeing HR from tedious paperwork and engaging new employees before Day 1.

HROnboard is developed by Navigo, an Australian Human Resource solutions provider started in 2007.   Their customers include the Department of Transport WA, Roy Hill, Holmesglen TAFE, Swisse and more.