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i2 releases a complete platform for extended supply chain management

i2 Five.Two helps companies gain efficiencies and drive revenue through improved sales, inventory turns and gross and net margins

i2 has announced the global general availability of i2 Five.Two, a highly scalable business platform that includes new products and enhancements to i2s popular family of solutions and services. The availability of i2 Five.Two provides a new opportunity for the Australian and New Zealand market to gain efficiencies and drive revenue. In this market i2s customers include Visy Industries, Incitec, BHP Billiton, One Steel, Woolworths, Sanitarium, Simplot, Pacific Brands and Lion Nathan.

i2 Five.Two is designed to allow companies to quickly and dramatically improve key business metrics such as sales, inventory turns, gross and net margin, and concept-to-cash within their enterprise and across their extended supply chain. This concept of extended supply chain management in real-time is what i2 calls Dynamic Value Chain Management.

i2 Five.Two solutions go beyond monolithic planning and ERP systems to enable planning, visibility, collaboration and transaction management within an enterprise and across multiple companies. These solutions are modular, designed for fast implementation and easy interoperability and integration with existing technologies and systems, linking people and processes, intranets and the Internet. i2 Five.Two solutions are designed to help companies rapidly create and manage a trading partner ecosystem - a network of customers, suppliers, and partners working together in real time to ensure common success.

Rodney Boyle, managing director for i2 Australia and New Zealand said, Companies in Australia and New Zealand are demanding quick delivery of bottom line value that can be passed onto their customers and shareholders. The modular nature of i2 Five.Two helps companies get quick returns with low risk by addressing the part of the extended supply chain that makes the most sense for them, whether it be e-procurement, demand and supply planning or customer order management. They have the opportunity to build on their investment further down the track, potentially using the value delivered from initial phases to address other areas of the supply chain.

Tim Minahan, vice president, Supply Chain Research, Aberdeen Group said, Collaborating across the value chain requires an entirely new standards-based, architectural framework that is flexible enough to bridge the gap between planning and execution, and intuitive enough to facilitate adoption by all value chain members. i2 Five.Two is a significant upgrade to i2s existing product suite and provides a solid foundation to manage and execute collaborative activities across the value chain.

New products
The i2 Five.Two core solutions include:
i2 Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
i2 Supply Chain Management (SCM)
i2 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
i2 Content, along with several new and enhanced products:

i2 Distributed Order Management, a new product in i2 CRM, is the only product on the market designed to solve the difficult problem of end-to-end order fulfillment by aggregating, managing, and brokering orders across multiple applications, divisions and enterprises.

i2 Inventory Visibility and Execution, has been added to i2 SCM and was developed to help companies collaborate across multiple enterprises to optimise, monitor and control all supply chain processes simultaneously, including production, inventory, distribution and transportation.

i2 Procurement, an enhanced addition to i2 SRM, is designed to assist companies manage all
e-procurement transactions including requisitioning, purchase order creation and settlement. i2s procurement solution not only provides the ability for companies to source globally, but to also procure locally, in a highly decentralised and distributed environment.

Enhanced industry templates
i2 Five.Two features improved pre-configured industry templates. Each template is built to address the unique needs of a specific industry including packaged role-based workflows, integration capabilities, product configurations, and example models and scenarios. From this starting point, companies can modify the template to meet their unique needs. These templates pass on to i2 customers the best practices gained from thousands of customer implementations. The template users also benefit from i2s deep industry expertise so that they can deploy solutions rapidly and avoid the pitfalls typically associated with a new implementation. Of particular relevance to the Australia and New Zealand market include templates for the automotive and industrial, consumer goods, process (including metals, oil and gas and utilities), retail, transportation and telecommunications industries.

Re-designed user interfaces
i2 Five.Two features a redesigned user interface created in partnership with Frog Design, a world-leader in progressive interface design. With a common look and feel across all solutions, i2 Five.Two interfaces have been tailored to functional roles to empower users to make decisions faster and more effectively. In a distributed business environment, where multiple suppliers or downstream customers must interact through the software, consistent user interfaces spur higher adoption and usage levels.

The i2 Platform has been enhanced to enable customers to deploy processes that span planning and execution across enterprises. Some of the key enhancements include:
Common Integration ArchitectureThis distributed architecture is designed to make it easy for i2 solutions to be integrated with legacy applications and ERP systems.
Common Integration ServicesThese standards-based services have been developed to enable enterprise and e-commerce connectivity as well as ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) to enable rapid integration of disparate systems, allowing companies to leverage existing systems.
RosettaNet SupportThe only RosettaNet communication service available today has been added to i2 Five.Two so that customers can communicate quickly through RosettaNet with only limited IT involvement, replacing when appropriate, older, more costly technologies such as EDI.
XML-Based Application Programming Interface (API)i2s API set (TMAPI) has been enhanced with full XML support to simplify integration between i2 Five.Two solutions and other applications.

New and expanded services
i2 Five.Two incorporates new services, such as the i2 Value Chain Accelerator program, which has been developed to offer a quick, easy way to drive efficiencies beyond the boundaries of their enterprises through improved planning and transaction efficiencies. The program includes value chain solutions for planning, collaboration, content management and supply chain execution; connectivity to buyers, suppliers and marketplaces through the TradeMatrix Open Commerce Network; and on-boarding of trading partners to participate in these initiatives. i2 also provides tools to measure value before implementation and at each stage of the process.

About Dynamic Value Chain Management
Dynamic Value Chain Management is a business philosophy of collaborating both within a company and across companies in the value chain at the rate of business. To do so requires
streamlined, decision-making workflows across companies, closing the gap between planning and execution to as close to real-time as possible. The net result is a fundamental change in the
relationship between companies and their trading partners, leading to unprecedented value creation for customers and shareholders alike.

About i2
For more than a decade, i2 has been a leader in supply chain management. i2 has extended its technology and expertise to Dynamic Value Chain Managementsolutions to help companies collaborate on decision-making processes not only across functions within a single company, but across multiple companies. i2 solutions span the value chain interactions, including customer relationship management, supply chain management and supplier relationship management. Established in 1988, i2 is the only software solutions provider that measures, audits and reports total value provided to its customers, with a mission to deliver $US75 billion in value by 2005. Learn more at www.i2.com.
i2 is a registered trademark of i2 Technologies, Inc. and its subsidiaries.

i2 Cautionary Language
This press release contains forward-looking statements, including forward-looking statements regarding anticipated benefits and improvements from the implementation of i2s software solutions. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ from those projected. The risks and uncertainties include the customer's ability to implement i2 solutions successfully or to achieve benefits attributable to i2 products. For a discussion of factors which could impact i2's financial results and cause actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statements, please refer to i2's recent filings with the SEC, particularly the Form 10-K/A filed August 7, 2001 and Form 10-Q filed August 14, 2001. i2 assumes no obligation to update the forward-looking information contained in this news release.