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Ian Price Joins Teks Mobile Australia As Country Manager

Ian Price, a noted Ecotech and Envirotech expert and business development strategist, will be working with TeksMobile as the Country Manager for Australia. This collaboration is expected to help the company expand its operations in these markets and bridg

Teksmobile - a leading technology company is ramping up its efforts to reach out to more customers in Oceania. In a recent media meet, global CEO Hussain Fakhruddin announced the appointment of Ian Price - the CEO/CTO of Y Waste app - as the country manager of Australia and Scandinavia. Ian would be working in close collaboration with the Teks team, for business development and strategic growth.

The arrival of Ian Price as the Australia/Scandinavia country head is expected to do a lot in terms of strengthening the brand presence of Teksmobile down under. With close to a decade’s experience of assisting startups and adtech companies in gaining a foothold in the Australian market, Ian brings excellent strategic expertise to the table. For an innovation-oriented software company like Teksmobile, he is a great fit.

With Ian onboard, it makes it more easy for the Teksmobile management level to use a dedicated point of contact for its clients in Australia/Scandinavia. The company’s Australian chapter started out way back in 2014 - and over the last 5 years or so, it has made a name for itself as a dynamic mobile app and custom software development company. Ian, with his rich industry experience and tactical nous, would help Teksmobile consolidate its position further down under.

In a brief tête-à-tête, Teks global CEO, Mr. Hussain Fakhruddin expressed his delight at the onboarding of Ian as the Australia/Scandinavia country manager. He highlighted the fact that, apart from being an expert in customer acquisition and sales, Ian brings with him considerable tactical acumen and knowhow in business planning, digital strategy optimisation and corporate negotiations. Ian’s in-depth knowledge of the local markets would also be invaluable, opined Hussain.

Ian is fluent in as many as 6 different languages - English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German and French. The multi-lingual expertise of Ian is yet another factor that works in his favour. As such, he would be able to approach and handle clients from different markets, particularly the non-English-speaking ones. Business credibility gets a big boost when a business representative can speak the ‘language of the locals’. The induction of Ian in the Teksmobile team brings in that benefit as well.

Since its inception in 2006, Teksmobile has constantly been a driver of software innovation and technology. Ian’s profile and approach towards work are perfectly in sync with how the company wants to grow in the long-term. Both Hussain and Ian are ambitious and forward-looking software tech experts - and a collaboration between the two is expected to generate considerable positive synergies. As Hussain correctly pointed out, it is extremely important for a country manager to share the same visions, ideologies and business objectives as his/her company - and Ian Price fits the bill perfectly.

For Ian Price - who is also a noted influencer in the Envirotech and Ecotech industries - the association with a brand like Teksmobile presents an excellent opportunity to showcase his top-brass business development skills. In his capacity as Australia/Scandinavia country manager, he would be interacting with clients, drawing up promotion & marketing campaigns, and generally serve as a focal point for all types of business information transfer. Ian’s strong entrepreneurship skills are expected to blend with the innovation and quality of service (QoS) that Teks offers, and Hussain’s proven tech leadership. Both Hussain and Ian are quietly confident of their collaboration being able to take Teksmobile to greater heights in Australia and Scandinavia.

To know more about Teksmobile, please visit http://teksmobile.com.au. You can check Ian Price’s LinkedIn profile right here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ian-price-63ab8597/. The mobile app company had been looking for a qualified Australia/Scandinavia country manager for some time now - and in Ian, it has indeed got the best man for the job.