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iCloud Cracks the Code of Ultimate Cloud Storage for Everyone

All-in-one iCloudDrive for Business and Home Users

iCloud cracks the code of ultimate accessibility for both businesses and consumers looking for powerful cloud storage excellence. Their secret? iCloudDrive, a service that is easy to use, can be integrated across devices and gives enormously generous amounts of space at rates that will brighten your day.

iCloud Inc., a feature rich online storage vendor optimizes flexibility in the way you store and access your files, photos, music videos and other digital content. All-in-one iCloudDrive was designed as your own personalized Internet drive for all your digital files with outstanding functionality. Instant, automatic protection backs up all your computers in a secure fashion while giving you peace of mind. Whether you are an individual user or an enterprise client, there are a lot of compelling reasons for choosing iCloudDrive.

For home users, iCloud Backup, Briefcase and Pro Suite solutions provide one-stop access to all your information regardless of the number of devises you use. iCloud’s Backup service is simple and hassle free and automatically backs up your files while you work; you can view and access your files anytime for only $60 a year! And to top it off, it comes with unlimited backup and no limits on the amount you upload or download to the iCloud servers. The guesswork of determining the amount of space you might need and ongoing evaluation as to whether you have enough space to save a particular file or not are eliminated. With iCloud’s Briefcase you can sync your files across your computers, share your files easily and enjoy 2TB(2048GB) of storage for only $132.00 a year. iCloud Pro Suite provides 5TB (5120GB) of storage with unlimited backup and sync for all your computers - at $204 for the entire year it works out to be less than $.04/GB delivering flexibility, an enormous quantity of space, impressive Cloud value.

iCloudDrive for Business provides a complete cloud storage solution for your business. You can back up all of the PCs in your office, and your team can access their files from anywhere, share files, and collaborate on documents. With iCloudDrive for Business you have complete control over your company’s files - you can set up individual permissions, control sharing, and monitor any part of the system. Through streamlined workflow and performance, iCloud enterprise clients gain a compelling competitive advantage at a cost designed to fit their budget. iCloud Express brings 2TB (2048GB) of service for three users for only $456 a year. iCloud Standard business service delivers 10TB(10,240GB) of service to 10 users. And the services grow with your needs for all iCloudDrive services so as your needs grow, you can add more storage space or users for what works out to be pennies/GB. Whether you’re an individual user or a company finding it a challenge to make the decision as to which Cloud service is right for you, iCloudDrive comes with a full money back guarantee providing the opportunity for you and your users to experience first-hand the value Cloud computing promises to deliver.

iCloud’s breakthrough innovation brings powerful backup, collaboration and a simple way to manage, store and share information changing the way we work and live. Built with the end user in mind – iCloudDrive supports any type of digital files without bandwidth limits or caps on the file size. The service is integrated into all various devices including Android, iOS, and Windows-based architectures enabling users to view their information regardless of the system they are using. Whether you’re an individual user or a business looking to share information at scale, if you’re looking for a convenient cloud service that delivers tremendous value, iCloudDrive is the one with so many more features, so much more space.

About iCloud Inc.- Founded in 2000, iCloud Inc. is recognized as a thought leader and innovator ofCloud services, bringing continuous innovation through high-performing cloud solutions to clients thatwant simple Internet Technology delivered in a less expensive way.