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iCloud Inc. Breast Cancer Screening

Access to your medical images in the cloud

No one can know exactly what it feels like to be facing cancer unless they have been through it themselves. High-quality digital images play an essential role in early and proper diagnosis of breast evaluation. iCloud WebPACS offers digital mammography multi-modality viewing, wide dynamic range and high special resolution, reduction in recall rates and potential for a decrease in radiation dose.

Screening mammography has been shown to lower breast cancer mortality by 18%- 30% over the last decade. iCloud WebPACS allows subspecialty expertise coverage within and outside of facilities while providing archiving and long term storage of recorded images. Radiologists have access to a historical perspective that can lead to the identification of subtle changes from year to year detecting seriousness of invasion and improving prognosis.

Health-care enterprises have a growing need to be able to manage an explosive amount of data including imaging files and patient information that requires long term storage. iCloud Inc.’s suite of Software-as-a-Service/Cloud solution provides secure, HIPPA-approved web-based access to digital medical images and documents. Storage is unlimited and the cost translates to pennies a month. Imaging departments have a way to provide their patients confidence that their important history of medical images and data can be accessed by their healthcare providers, anytime.

About iCloud Inc.
Founded in 2000, together with our partner companies and team of developers, iCloud launched medical imaging iCloud WebPACS and iCloud DOCS. iCloud offers a high performing affordable diagnostic imaging solution that enables healthcare providers to unite globally through a standard web browser providing the information needed to make informed patient care choices. iCloud is passionate about the value intelligent cloud technology excellence and innovation brings making medical imaging access simple for a faster more accurate diagnosis and a better healthcare future. iCloud Inc., iCloud WebPACS and iCloud DOCS are not affiliated with Apple, Inc.