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ImagePak Marketing Reveals that Success is More than Just Flags and Banners

Promotional products company provides prime advice about common mistakes a company shouldn’t make when marketing.

Perth, WA, 16 June 2014 - Promotional products and advertising techniques, such as high flying flags and banners, are a staple to many marketing campaigns. While highly praised for their usefulness, there is still more to ensuring a campaign’s success than these products alone. In fact, there are many factors that play into how a company should promote itself and what methods work best. Mastery of these factors will determine if the company achieves the attention it sought or if the investment in marketing was a waste of time and resources.
In general, three main components determine what a company should and should not do: planning and execution, providing ample information and knowing the company’s clientele. To elaborate on these points, Scott Eaton, owner of ImagePak Marketing, one of the largest promotional products companies in the Perth area, gives his insight drawing upon decades of experience in the field of marketing. 
“Promotional products are of course a huge part of managing a successful marketing campaign, but it is the execution of the campaign that determines its success, at least in part. You can order the best products possible, but if they never reach the populace, they can’t be effective. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that distribution runs smoothly. Part of this too is crafting a clear plan and goals for the marketing campaign so that you won’t get lost along the way.”
Eaton continues by elaborating on the points that execution of a marketing strategy and design of promotional products play important roles in achieving success.
“When it comes down to the promotional material itself, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Your gifts are the ones that will either sell your product or service or leave customers wanting. Therefore, don’t be stingy with what products you utilise. If your gifts break or are faulty, your customers will remember you as cheap and that’s not a good image to have. Spend the little extra money and get the job done right and you will be rewarded for it later. Proper communication is also key for promotional materials. Be sure to provide all necessary and relevant information on flyers and banners as well as corporate gifts so customers will know exactly where to go and how to get in touch with you.”
He then states the importance of knowing a company’s clientele and how this too can make or break a marketing campaign.
“Getting inside the mind of your customers is how effective marketing works. In relation to promotional products, make sure to give ones out that your people want and can use. They will not be inclined to remember you if your gifts are lacklustre or not what they want. In addition, do some research as to what your target audience will be. This varies depending on what good or service you are promoting, but the concept is the same: if you target the right people, they will be more inclined to patron your business.”
Eaton concludes by stating his company’s role in helping launch successful marketing campaigns.
“At ImagePak, we strive for complete success and are happy to help other companies do the same. We have only high-quality promotional products and are eager to help you design and implement them every step of the way.”
ImagePak Marketing is one of the largest suppliers of promotional products in the Perth area. To learn more about them and the options that they offer, please call (08) 92444 111 or visit their website: http://www.imagepak.com.au/.