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In the COVID-19 Era, Disposable Facemasks May Be a Cheap Option for Businesses, But They’re Killing the Planet

Hospitality workwear company CREAM Collection offers a sustainable solution for businesses

With demands for disposable masks, gloves and other protective equipment increasing at exponential levels around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fight against plastic pollution has become a more significant battle than ever before.

CREAM Collection, manufacturers of sustainable chef jackets, aprons and hospitality workwear, is working to reduce the alarming number of disposable masks ending up in landfill, and ultimately our oceans threatening marine life; by encouraging businesses to invest in reusable masks for their staff to wear.

With September’s Zero Waste Week highlighting the increasing issue of environmental waste and pollution, particularly due to food packaging, Pam Burnett, founder of CREAM Collection is encouraging chefs, restaurant owners and other businesses to purchase an alternative cost-effective solution in the form of sustainable 100% organic cotton reusable facemasks.

Pam comments: “Throughout this pandemic, wearing a mask has become so important across different business sectors, and even mandatory for some, but after seeing the negative impact on the environment of disposable masks, choosing what to cover your face with has become a much greater issue.”

Since the significant effects of COVID-19 unravelled in March, CREAM Collection has been manufacturing sustainable facemasks for businesses who were forced to change how they operated and enable a safer way for them to handle food, interact with customers and continue with business continuity and has already sold thousands to environmentally conscious businesses across Australia.

CREAM Collection’s facemasks are ethically made from 100% organic cotton and purposefully designed to biodegrade beyond its use. The masks feature adjustable elastic head straps for a comfortable fit and ensures no ear strain during a day of work. For additional support, the mask includes a removable aluminium strip allowing the mask to fit snugly across the face and can also be recycled afterwards.

Purchasing Manager for Jackalope Hotels in Victoria, Liam Sweeney comments: “The masks are comfortable and great to wear; the team love that they can now safely interact with guests.”

Pam adds: “When we throw something ‘away’, we don’t always think about where it goes and what impact it has on our environment. It is our role as business leaders to think about what we can do to reduce the waste we dispose of every day, which at the moment includes an increasing number of single-use facemasks – and mask wearing is something that will continue for the foreseeable future.”

Dedicated to providing sustainable workwear to some of the most well-known chefs and restaurants in Australia and overseas, including Rockpool, Jackalope Hotels, Cumulus Inc, Muse Dining, Tetsuya’s and Josh Niland from Saint Peter in Paddington, CREAM Collection has always been committed to ensuring practical, long-lasting solutions exist in an industry that currently relies on so many pollutive materials.

CREAM Collection’s facemasks can be washed (at a temperature of 60 degrees or using a hot steam iron) and sanitised and re-used to provide an easy solution for businesses that need to be agile during these uncertain times.

It’s not just the hospitality industry that loves CREAM’s masks, many businesses are seeing the benefits of using the reusable products including Louise Etchell, owner of HairFreaks2 in Newcastle, who is prioritising her customers’ safety: “Not only are they incredibly soft and breathable, they hold up like new with daily laundering so we can wear them with confidence. Our clients love that we are prioritising hygiene and their safety but what’s important to us is that we are leaving less of an environmental footprint at the same time.”

The masks are not a replacement for those who require medical-grade masks but a product for businesses that want to demonstrate high-level hygiene practices and ensure they are not adding to the growing amount of plastic pollution.

The facemasks are available to order at $19.95 each, with the option to personalise and embroider your name or business logo.

For more information or to purchase CREAM Collection facemasks, please visit https://www.creamcollection.com.au/collections/face-masks.
For more information, please contact: Amy Cox @ CRE8IVE on T: 0431 223 105 or amy.cox@c8.com.au