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In the Pursuit of Happiness & Health have we forgotten the most important Relationship?

Relationship issues causing Crisis

Emerging research suggests a strong peer network in the workplace and having close and supportive relationships personally and intimately helps individuals live longer and can increase happiness and health by 80%.


Researchers from Flinders University, found that people with the highest number of close friends outlived those with the least friends by 22 % – on average, living to the age of 79, compared to 65.  

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data on death rates shows people living in intimate relationships (including those in married and de facto relationships); – both men and women – have lower death rates than single people in almost all age groups. A 2009 study from Harvard Medical School found that the more friends’ women had, the less likely they were to develop physical impairments as they aged, and the more likely they were to lead joyful lives.


“I am seeing more and more clients suffering from stress, emotional issues, and physical illness and overwhelm than ever before.  The surprising link I am finding is the increase in the breakdown in having close and trusted relationships in our society today from home to workplace is a huge contributing factor”, says Kirsty O’Callaghan, local business owner.  “Most people who are finding difficulty creating healthy relationships with others admit to not knowing or even liking themselves and continuously put themselves in a position of being put down and criticized, which is having a dramatic impact on their health, happiness and success”.


Having a hand to hold as you go through life makes the difficulties we all experience easier to deal with. When things go awry, knowing that your friends, partners, family members and co-workers have your back allows you to go through whatever you have to and come out the other side a more positive person.


Recent studies are showing, and Kirsty O’Callaghan agrees, that there is a link between the increase in depression, social isolation, stress and hostility in our society and the breakdown of supportive relationships.


The road has been bumpy and long to get to the point of this social and relationship crisis, and with more people reaching out and searching for answers Kirsty O’Callaghan has been driven for over a decade to create awareness and educate people to be able to create excellent relationships that support them to excel personally and professionally. 


Kirsty O’Callaghan explains “The system and process I have created and teach to others incorporates wisdom from my own experiences and the Blue Zones by writer and explorer Dan Buettner, who has spent his life traveling the world in search of answers. Buettner argues that relationships are really the key to lifelong happiness, noting that "the happiest people socialize about seven hours a day," and that "you're three times more likely to be happy if you are married ... and each new friend will boost your happiness about 10 percent." He also states how important good relationships can be in the workplace, adding that "the biggest determinant of whether or not you'll like your job is if you have a best friend there, more so than how much you're paid.”


This is the focus of an upcoming 1 day workshop presented by Kirsty on Saturday 14th September at 9.30am at the Evergreen Lifestyle Centre, North Lakes, Brisbane.  You will get real strategies to create solid connections with family, friends, and colleagues in genuine and harmonious ways. Kirsty will teach you her magnificent M.A.G© formula to achieve fulfilling and satisfying relationships personally and professionally. You will become more mindful, confident, and approachable, have a great attitude and be able to follow through, improve and grow with this process.


Kirsty says “It has been said that you are the average of the 5 people you are around the most.  Your results will reflect this average from career, lifestyle, health, happiness, home, beliefs and even holidays.  I have seen people achieve the most extraordinary results in all these areas from becoming aware of this, making changes and consciously creating and embracing more meaningful and supportive relationships personally and professionally.”


Tickets are $88 and bookings are essential.  Buy tickets on line at www.unity-qld.com.au

For further information contact Kirsty O’Callaghan on phone 0402 889 648