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Industry OneCARD™ Introduces Track and Trace for COVID-19 Immunisations

Industry OneCARD™ Introduces Track and Trace for COVID-19 Immunisations

Industry OneCARD™ is leading the way to create a high Industry standard for supporting businesses to maintain compliance against WHS legislation by providing a simple but effective way of managing employee training and licensing requirements. The company’s newest innovation is the ability to track and trace immunisations, including the COVID-19 vaccine.

The service is available Industry OneCARD™ members and due to the wider need Industry OneCARD™ Vac Track and Trace service has now been expanded to include non-members and individuals. 

Existing Industry OneCARD™ members will automatically receive Vaccination Track and Trace as part of their current membership. Non- members and individuals will be charged a small admin fee. 

Anyone that needs to provide proof of immunization can do so. The records are visible via scan by any mobile device and all information is maintained to the highest levels of safety and security.

Simply provide documentation that includes the date, brand and batch number signed by a health provider. The data will be uploaded to members Industry OneCARD™ or a non-member or individuals Vac OneCARD.

Reminders and alerts will be set when the second vaccination is required and any boosters that may be needed in the future for COVID-19 vaccination tracking.

In the future Immunisations records may be required for anyone traveling or working outside the country, but they may also be a requirement to provide proof of Immunisation when going to work, attending a large gathering etc. 

The instance of outbreaks, severity, restrictions, and lockdowns in connection with the pandemic varies considerably due to the unpredictability of the virus. COVID-19 immunisation tracking with the Industry OneCARD™ provides a single, reliable resource for ensuring compliance and reminders.

The new ability is especially beneficial for healthcare professionals and essential workers. Both groups may be needed to provide essential services or assistance in areas other than their normal work environment. Vaccination tracking Australia ensures they can move about more freely to where they’re needed most.

Mass vaccinations are expected to begin for Australians in February 2021. The goal is to vaccinate 80,000 people within the first week and quickly accelerate vaccination numbers from there. With new variants of the virus occurring around the globe, vaccine tracking Australia is essential so individuals can continue to work and live safety, while protecting the health of others.

The Vaccination Track and Trace service is now available for Industry One CARD members and coming soon for individuals and non-members. 

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