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Infected meat and dairy

Dear Editor,
The news is full of reports of viruses and bacterial infections, some of which are resistant to antibiotics. Most come from animals being abused for human use.
The latest shock is the recall of milk by Dairy Farmers due to contamination with E.coli, a bacteria that can cause severe abdominal cramps, bloody diarrhoea and vomiting. Earlier this month, researchers reported on meat and offal collected from NSW, Victoria and Queensland from 2016-2018. They found, in most chicken meat and offal, Campylobacter bacteria, the most common  cause of human gastroenteritis in the world.
The solution is obvious: stop raising, killing and eating animals. Crowded, filthy factory farms are perfect reservoirs for disease. Chickens are packed into sheds teeming with bacteria and ammonia fumes; many die from the unsanitary conditions. Cows are bred to produce enormous quantities of milk, resulting in mastitis (infection of the udder) before being forced onto a slaughterhouse truck.
The Coronavirus originated at a fish market, where close contact between humans and live animals helped the virus to jump species.
Eating animals has apocalyptic consequences. The most significant thing that you can do to help animals, the environment, and your own health is to go vegan.
Desmond Bellamy
Special Projects Coordinator
PETA Australia
PO Box 2352
Byron Bay NSW 2481
0411 577 416